First stop United States


It was in that trip to Antarctica 2009 when for the first time (and only so far) we made a story that mixed the adventures of the present with snapshots of the past with small "flashback" who remembered step by step the personal motives that (Isaac) had led to such an experience. It all started on DAY 0 TRAVEL remembering how on July 9, 2009 the course changed and finally found its meaning in the snapshot of DAY 21 TRAVEL, when I remembered how August 14, 2009 our life changed. Two lives united in one.

I write these first lines of the trip lying on my seat on the huge British Airways plane that takes us to Los Angeles. Something change. Paula is beside me completely asleep, being already the third flight of the day. Paula was afraid to fly when she met her, since she had been "victim" of one of those famous flights between air bag and air bag in a Seville - Coruña. Today the exhaustion of these days has been with her, but also the "therapy key of intense flights", hehe.

A) Yes We start the day, backpack, in our corner of the Alvedro Airport in A Coruña, with the company of two people who are especially happy these days, Isaac's parents. They were the last to say goodbye, after having dinner yesterday with Paula's.

Unfortunately, the beginning of any trip for some people from Coruña, always starts with a stopover in Madrid, wherever we go, so we have plasticized the bags (12 EUR) and billed directly to Los Angeles

He The second flight of the day was Madrid - London, after breakfast in Barajas (7.85 EUR), since today there was no direct from Spain, which shows that we are still "the ass of Europe" in all aspects. However, this has allowed us to pass for the first time through the impressive and WELL ORGANIZED terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport. The traffic it has is really spectacular. It has also left us that traditional tuna tortilla sandwich that we like so much to start an adventure as well as some last purchases (17.08 LBS)

He flight to Los Angeles lasts about 10h 30 minutes (don't forget thetravel insurance for the United States), and although I started these words saying that Paula was behaving like a champion, she is not stopping to bounce and bounce, much more turbulence than usual, to complete the first hours of flight

Of course, the plane must be one of the most immense and impressive in which we have flown. Two floors, all kinds of entertainment, movies, seats and services. A joy fly in a 747 like this


Two days of enjoying Los Angeles will be the prelude to the most mysterious corners of the Earth, some unusual islands in the middle of nowhere. We read during the flight that the Pacific Ocean covers a third of the total surface of the Earth making this maritime region the largest on the planet and at the same time, the most unknown.

The last earthly paradise is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When in 1400 a. of C. intrepid navigators armed themselves with courage and launched themselves in small boats to cross the great marine desert, they did not even suspect that their descendants would take 2,500 years to reach the last objectives of the great voyage of discovery. As in an immense triangle, the Polynesian islands line up like shining splinters of land, from New Zealand for 5,820 kilometers to the Marquesas Islands in the northeast. The ancestors of the Polynesians had to travel another 3,880 kilometers of brave sea to finally colonize Hawaii in the northwest. They left enigmatic stone structures and ancient temples, which allow us to intuit in our century the mysteries of ancient times.

Also the divine idols of Polynesia raise many questions, what was their supposed magical effect? The "Vikings of the South Seas" chiselled monstrous beings with big eyes on their altars: were they gods? Got damn? Beings from another world? Recently, a strange animal in a state of rot was found in the middle of Polynesia

The l are also multiplemermaids, those songs that hypnotized sailors who let themselves be emboldened by their beauty. Or were those whales that let's see in Antarctica sometimes associated with these legends of sailors? At this time, we may also be able to see them in these lands, as they are in full emigration to have their young before returning in October to the cold lands of Antarctica.

There are references that a large continent was in the Pacific Ocean of which Japan, Hawaii, Fiji or Fiji Islands, southern Islands and even Easter Islands or Eastern islands near the coasts of Chile were part of that great continent called Lemuria or also known as "Mu Continent" and that in our era traces of its existence have been found such as the pyramids and constructions submerged in the Pacific Ocean very close to Japan and the giants of lost on Easter Island. Even writers such as HP Lovecraft speak of him as the origin or origin of some of the alien gods of his myths. Even the belief that Atlantis was here has filled hundreds of pages (photo by //

Although we will see little by little the legends of each of the countries we visit, we cannot avoid doing reference Jorge Sánchez's book "My trip to the Pacific archipelagos" whose introduction we make ours and expresses the same motives that take us to these places. How would those sailors feel that, with barely any means, they were on their way to an unknown world full of adversities, shipwrecks, pirate stories, diseases and death as well as mysteries like the ones we have talked about, a new continent? Mermaids Strange monsters? Or enigmatic constructions?

As we read ... What do we see below? Are the Hollywood posters already? Indeed, looking out the window leaves us a show like no other. The arid desert and the steep mountain ranges of the western part of the United States gives way to a beautiful sunset with the mist hiding the landscape. It's 19'40, we're almost 1 hour late, but in Spain it's already 4 in the morning. We have been "playing" against the hands of the clock to land still day after day after more than 14 hours of flights and 20 hours of airports.

Effectively, our first stop will be the United States, since reaching the other part of the planet directly could kill us. Here, and although we are a little children and the subject comes from family, we will not stop trying to go tomorrow to the first Disneyland that existed in addition to Paula knowing a city that Isaac visited for the first time with his parents and his sister Miriam there 1992, on one of the great trips they remember as a family

Customs procedures, controls and others, although they are still heavy, have improved compared to the last time we touched US soil, but leaving the airport and arriving at Santa Monica becomes heavy.


Although we always give you all the information to organize transfers on your own, if you have little time or prefer something easy, you have the following option NO LANGUAGE PROBLEM and with VERY GOOD OPINIONS from other travelers. The transfer from Los Angeles can be from airport to hotel (the driver will wait for you with a sign) or vice versa (or both). The price is per vehicle (NOT person)

Transfer Airport-Hotel in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles after New York is the second largest city in this country as well as being one of the most cosmopolitan. It grew by taking small cities as districts promising the drinking water service brought from the mountains by the Los Angeles Department of Light and Water. The city is divided into regions with its neighborhoods. We we will be staying in the Santa Monica, one of the few left in the inkwell in that California 1992.

He Modest Seaview Hotel, of which Ele and Chupi advanced us last month, two good friends that we had closer than ever these days, is one of the most affordable alternatives at this time of year and its location is privileged just a few meters from the main pier Santa Monica, a pier that we all know for movies full of games, restaurants and attractions


But the day has been exhausting and the schedules are not Spanish, so we have looked around until we find a pizzeria run by an Albanian, who thanks to Paula's smile, has agreed to put on the last portion of the day and some spaghetti (30 USD , tip included) to return to try to rest and recover from the great jetlag that we have right now and face tomorrow.


Today we have not looked too much. The first steps we have quite clear and after spending a couple of days in Los Angeles we will leave for Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu, where we have seen that it is raining a lot these days (we will have to buy a raincoat). It is possible that tomorrow or the day after we look at the possibilities of linking with Solomon Islands if we see that it does not improve, since there is a flight every 2 or 3 days from Port Vila to Honiara

In Vanuatu we will try to reach the island of Tanna to attend one of the spectacles of nature that the Volcano of Mt. Yasur gives off, but we will see that when we arrive.

Family, friends and readers, we are great already located in Los Angeles, and we begin, now yes, a new adventure

Isaac and Paula, from Los Angeles (United States)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:19.85 EUR, 17.08 POUNDS (approx. 21.35 EUR) and 30 USD (approx. 25 EUR)