Greenwich Village and West Village, neighborhoods that are towns


And Greenwich Village, where is it? What to see ?. One of the most repeated questions of these days in which we are completing the newspapers of the trip to New York , our passage through the most bohemian neighborhoods, the so-called Manhattan Village. It is DAY 8 of travel and we go into places to see in Greenwich Village and West Village, in the inheritance that so many artists, musicians or painters left, in the streets of jazz venues, on the stages of Friends like Village Cigars or in Carrie's house in Sex in New York. UPDATED 2018/2019

But the day would take us to many more attractions, where Chelsea Market and Gansevoort Market they would center noon, the famous Highline its sunset and Sleep No More The surprise.

What to see in Greenwich Village and West Village (with map)

Some call them simply the "Villages" and others distinguish between what to see in Greenwich Village and West Village. The reality is that they seem a continuity of each other. When we were pointing the "things to do in New York (P1)"We had already detected that here we would find those places that Paula was looking for from Friends or Sex in New York, those series so followed by everyone.

We place this area above Soho, parallel to the area of East village that we already visited and below Chelsea, as you can see in "New York neighborhoods with detailed maps"). Beyond the attractions to see, you have to contextualize the" Village "as true villages within Greater Manhattan, where you can breathe a calm and relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of other areas close to the city. Cafes, boutiques, charming little shops and corners of artists of yesteryear, they let themselves be seen on a pleasant walk.

Our final route has been similar to the one on the following map

Although our initial idea was to start with West Village, the thought of eating in the famous Meatpacking Market farther north has led us to vary the route (hence the order of numbers changing). It was around 9:15 when we were going out of the 8St subway from the Room Mate Grace in Times Square where we had breakfast in our usual buffet (which hit hotel). The New York University 22 founded in 1831 by Alberg Gallatin and the Washington Square South 21 they glimpsed one of Manhattan's landmarks, the Washington Square Park 23 dominated by that icon that is its arch and its source, popular with residents and tourists

Do we have to record some videos of our Paula walk today? When do you give us a preview? hehehe

Leaving by Washington Square North 24, The Row at 1-13 and 1930s neo-gothic houses between 21-26 we reached the so-called Washington Mews 25, the alley of excaballerizas par excellence, right next to the shopping street West 8th 19. It is shocking to see such contrasts in New York from one block to the next.

As we stroll through the attractions to see in Greenwich Village, one begins to realize that little or nothing remains of that bohemian character that certain artists could transmit years ago. Weatherman House 26, the hiding place and bomb factory of the radical anarchist group Weatherman on the 11th 18 or the Oscar Wilde House 27, the famous Irish writer who spent a stage of his life here in 1882, on 11th 48, are some claims of this area that now they are part of a village of wealthy people who have displaced their previous tenants.

Nor is it strange to observe the churches that appear in unlikely corners of Manhattan but, however, in Greenwich Village, fit much more with the neighborhood. It is the case of the Church of the Ascension 28 or First Presbyterian Church 29, in the 10th with 5th and 11th with the 5th, respectively. Highlight the painting on the altar of the first.

Paula, where are you going? !Do not run! But where are you going so fast? Arrived this moment of the route, already in the 13th, is one of the shopping icons in New York. If the day of the "New York Contrast Tour"we had already dropped by Century21 outlet and other days for different important warehouses, today it was the turn of Beacon's Closet (A)

We are in one of those stores that can be considered as unique to find authentic vintage jewels, with a multitude of bargains and clothes that you would not find in other places

There is also the possibility of selling or exchanging our own in case we are interested and there they will give you an appropriate assessment


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Woodbury Common Premium Outlets shopping tour

But Greenwich Village is much more. Returning south of Washington Square Park we realize the great transformation that a neighborhood has had to undergo, where now shops and restaurant chains have been replacing modest coffee shops or quaint local neighborhoods.

Even so, the most mythical bars of rock, jazz or punk, still survive the new times, As the Blue Note (x6), Village Underground

... or Wha coffee? (x7), where some readers told us that it is an ideal place for a quick meal along with a bucket full of icy Budweisers listening to good live rock in a place where played Dylan, Hendrix and others

Others did not suffer the same fate and had to close due to the indebtedness of their owners.


Greenwich Village is the unofficial epicenter of the Jazz world. Here are some of the city's most emblematic concert halls: the relatively new Smalls or Le Poisson Rouge hosts a wide variety from jazz, hip-hop and folk to African, Icelandic or Japanese music

On 127-131 of MacDougal Street 20, the ex-stables alley in MacDouldal Alley, retains federal houses from 1829 or later, in 133, the Provincetown Playhouse theater, in addition to the MacDougal Street Ale House

Undoubtedly, there are many attractions to see in Greenwich Village, which retain their most unalterable identity and are in this southern area, where getting lost will take you to places of true collectors (and where we took another treasure for 8.70 USD)

Leaving aside places to taste (at another time) good dishes at a good price likeMinetta Tavern (x8) or theJoe's Pizza (x9), we landed fully in one that we really wanted when we read about it in Spain

Molly's Cupcakes, the best pastry shop in New York?

It’s very subjective, but a bakery awarded by the mainstream media as one of the best in all of New York (including USA TODAY) I could not go unnoticed at this time of the morning

CAFETERIA / PASTRIES NEW YORK | GREENWICH / WEST VILLAGE: Molly's Cupcakesin Manhattan (there are also in Chicago and Iowa) it conveys that it is not just any bakery since you enter.

Each and every one of their biscuits, cakes and cupcakes are baked from scratchduring each and every day, achieving the best and freshest products with the most special ingredients

Although there are ice cream, cookies or cookies, bars, cakes, or products made with cheese, it's their cupcakes that have been made most famous and have received so many awards. A coffee to warm up and one to share? (10.40 USD)

Even beyond the oven itself and the love with which they receive you, its decoration or the swings where you sit to enjoy a different bar, they make you feel that you are in the corner of the sweet par excellence.

A 10 for this bakery located on the dividing line between the two Villages.

Good time to, beyond the places to see in Greenwich Village, enter a route through the other trendy neighborhood of the moment

West Village, the favorite town in New York for the TV Series

A splendid day continues to accompany us as we set course for the dividing line between both neighborhoods and that could be considered as separating the perimeter that forms 6 Ave and Greenwich Ave

It is precisely at this point where the Jefferson Market Library 17 welcomes us, a reference building in New York that has served the Greenwich community for more than 40 years, where its tower that houses a bell that still serves to call firefighters stands out

It is a Victorian Gothic style building that He was born together with a prison and a market between 1875 and 1877 and that could have perfectly served as the setting for a Nicolas Cage movie "The Search", especially at the moment you realize what it hides

Its basement, in addition to being a brick jewel with arches, is a Reference Room that once served as a waiting area for prisoners on their way to jail.

It is currently one of the most picturesque libraries in New York and, from what we could appreciate, one of the favorites by the locals

In the back is one of those "movie" alleys, the Patchin Place 18, a dead end street with brick houses that has been home to famous writers like Theodore Dreiser, EE Cummings or Djuna Barnes.

If we have loved Greenwich Village, What to tell you about West Village? If there is a place in New York where we would live, we were entering right now

This small town within the Big Apple is wonderful for both visitors and residents. Is about a neighborhood full of life with a quiet atmosphere, unique shops or picturesque businesses at every turn

In one of them we went to look for that backpack that Paula has been looking for all these days

Also here is Manhattan's best Jazz club for many, the Village Vanguard (x3), although we are already more than satisfied with the one we enjoyed at the Birdland in Times Square the night of the "New York Contrast Tour"(although this must be really authentic)

In a neighborhood known for being the scene of so many TV series recorded in New York, meeting one of the visits to which Paula really wanted was not going to be difficult. Is the Sex House in New York 1 on Perry Street, 66, where Carrie lived and that is easy to identify because there is a chain that prevents access to the top (many have passed through here before hehe)

Terracitas where people make life and parks like Sheridan Square 12 or Christopher Park 13, with the peculiarity of having sculptures of gay couples, they confirm that! Here will be our second home when we are rich! (or third, that we want another one in Sydney, haha)

Do you remember Friends Central Perk? The red sign of Village Cigars 2 On Christopher Street with the 7th has served as inspiration for one of the most famous outdoor scenarios of this series.

In this area, we are not going to deceive you, we have done a bit of trouble with the map. There are many streets in a few meters and it has been difficult for us to orientate ourselves, so we have decided to plug in the router they give us at the hotel and put the Google Maps. !This is something else! We are in a less known historical area, where the Stonewall Inn 14 It represents the beginning of the gay liberation movement in the United States and today is remembered as the bar where the riots began in 1969. Later, the Northen Dispensary 15, the oldest clinic in the city that is perfectly preserved, or the street Gay Street 16 of picturesque brick houses put us on the road again

In St. Luke in the Fields Church 11On Hudson Street 485, an 1820 church gives us an idea of ​​how Greenwich Village grew north. It really reminds of the typical English brick construction that should have been part of the town that we now only imagine

At the height of Bedford Street, 86, the Friends Building 10 It does not go unnoticed. How many times will Paula have seen this series? But not only this house is worth it. In the 90's a small wooden house or in the 102 the eccentric Twin Peaks, takes us to all those series seen from the other side of the pond in many occasions

But curiously, after going through the Grove Court 9, a dead end with houses from 1850 on Grove Street 10-12, lNew York's narrowest house on Bedford Street 75 8. Or should I say 75 1/2?

It is also known as the "Millay House" and is a house that has been selling for up to 2.1 million dollars (now it seems that it is for sale for 4.3), dated 1850, and where they have passed Cary Grant, John Barrymore or Margaret Mead, in addition to Edna St. Vicent Millay (hence her name)

Nearby is also the Cherry Lane Theater 7, from 1924, and ... can you guess it? Yes, the oldest theater run outside Broadway. West Village, neighborhood of series and records

The route takes us to Morton Street 6, some of the first lands that were colonized by Europeans in New York and that bear the name of a known merchant of the 19th century, where to observe houses such as those of 42, 56 or 62, unavailable for our pockets. Also to St. Luke's Place 5 before heading to the historic district of Weenhawken Street 3, where homes, businesses, stables, guest houses, merchants and maritime companies and other supplies, gave way to salons and liquor stores as well as clubs in their transformation in full S.XX

We are already in the area of Hudson River 4, an attractive route that leads us north towards Meatpacking and from where to catch some of the cruises included in theNew York City Pass (especially appealing in summer but we would not have cared for a day like today)

However, the stomach demands our attention. This nice morning walk by the places to see in Greenwich Village and West Village ends here and, despite having so many points of interest and stops, it is done quietly in half a day. Meatpacking? Some people consider it part of Greenwich Village, although its revolutionary concept of transformation towards one of the best food markets in the world is well worth considering in a separate chapter ...

(Continue on DAY 8 (II) - Chelsea and Gasenvoort Market (and the High Line at sunset))