The Mayan concept of paradise


The word is spoken "paradise" as that utopian concept that is considered the ideal place on Earth. In ancient times considered as the Garden of Eden, and now making reference to those really wonderful places that we all dream when we imagine "disappearing", but ... what is the true paradise?

If we asked Paula, it wouldn't take 3 seconds to answer. For her Maldives It was a before and after and he responds 100% to his prayers, especially because it combines the isolation part that many of us look for with natural wonder, relaxation or comfort. For others, places like Maurice Island, Seychelles, Zanzibar or nearby Caribbean destinations such as Cuba, Dominican Republic or Bahamas They could well be designated with that adjective, especially for the relaxation and services part. Our passage through South Seas He also left us really remarkable paradises, especially in Vava'u (Tonga) or the lost islets-countries of Kiribati or Tuvalu, perhaps more encompassed in the isolation part. Today, however, we return to the Mexican Caribbean, the paradise of "real all-inclusive"

Silvi could not resist the temptation. Although the usual "jet-lag" woke us up soon, that hammock on the balcony of our rooms was screaming for it. While Isaac has come down to see for the first time the beach, right in front of our villas, the one that will accompany us during the next 14 days of our particular "paradise"


It is quite windy. Remains of a tropical storm that passed these days prior to our arrival and which we heard yesterday, are still felt on the coast. Of course, what a small beach of 800 meters of white sand and different shades of blue awaits us!

Grand Palladium, an extension of nature

Last night we went to bed with the idea that we were not in a huge holiday resort, but that this place represented something beyond. Today we have confirmed that idea at the moment we have looked for our first breakfast.

He Grand Palladium Resort & Spa is not a hotel (FULL ARTICLE of accommodation HERE), is an extension of a huge mangrove built on 1,200,000 m2 of nature, of clear ecological vocation, of careful gardens and paths, lush vegetation and integration with the environment.


1,500 rooms spread across 5 complexes (Kantenah, where we are in its suites, Colonial, White Sands, Riviera and Yucatan Suites) where all clients have access to all the services and facilities of this huge "city", the door of Riviera Maya.

To this we must add 23 bars, 5 freshwater pools, 2 lake-pools, 1 seawater pool, 4 lobbies, two large theaters, a crocodile, a spa and fitness center, a playground, a lake with flamingos, a disco, a sport center with internet access, various sports facilities (2 soccer fields, several tennis or paddle tennis courts, a mini-golf ...), 8 themed restaurants (Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, ...) and 5 buffets, one of which will be where we will have breakfast (in the Riviera).

Reach the White Sands and Riviera area requires taking one of the little trains that goes between lobby and lobby. The reason we have gone here because today is the traditional welcome talk in which the wholesaler Travelplan Try to "sell" your excursions, getting scared about the rental cars, the local agencies of Playa del Carmen (especially some that have had to take a large market share) and something else. At least they already ensure that the "vans" that circulate parallel to the coast are "safe." Anyway, what a case! Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence and unless you are a "wild card", you get over pasta and do not want to complicate the least "initially" (yes, wasting time in multiple stops to catch and leave people on excursions ) It is best to get carried away by improvisation and do things on the go.

Once confirmed the time of our collection in 2 weeks, and After hearing several repeated jokes and some "bad taste" recommendation, we leave you with your "pantomime" and we go to our "first excursion" ... !!discover the macro complex in which we find ourselves!!


Although it is the furthest lake-pool in our area, the White Sands and Riviera area already makes us long teeth. A pool with hot tubs, dozens of sunbeds and a wet bar !! ... that we always dream of. Javi, and those tequila girls to start with?

But reality goes much further. !! Canoes to circulate on the lake !! !! Inland boats that take you between different areas !! !! a crocodile !!


Yesterday when we did the Check-In they gave us some blue cards that we just used. They are those of towels, which we can change infinitely during our stay, but we cannot lose them just like the card (or they would charge us $ 40). They can be taken in many places (swimming pools, next to the beach or in the salty pool).

The beach also begins in this area, although the best part is right in front of our Mayan Suites (!!! bieeeeeeeeeeenn !!!). Today it will help us to communicate with the area of ​​influence of Kantenah and Colonial, not without stopping at some curious poster. Be careful not to step on stripes? ¿? ¿? ¿?


And what is our destiny? There is no doubt ... We will have to open the holidays, right? !!TO THE HUMID BAR!! from the pool of the Kantenah-Colonial. A tequila to start?

The sun will not leave us the rest of the day. The temperature, 34 ° C, perfect, although the humidity is noticeable and quite ... What more can we ask for?


Protective cream and wet every little time is almost essential, especially since it does not hold out ... and less with our white color - "stress" that we still bring. You will see that change on the way back!


The two main pools of the Grand Palladium, although they seem identical, they differ mainly in one thing. The first thing that while it has a depth of 1.60m, that of the White Sands-Riviera only 1.20m. Of course, both have indoor jacuzzis, jets and wet bar to order good cocktails.

What we didn't expect to find, although it might seem obvious, is with All the kind of wildlife that surrounds us. The pool at this time is full of! IGUANAS! There are iguanas looking for sun on all sides ... on the rocks, on the walks, under our hammocks ...


No Javi, no! ... They don't drink mojitos or pina colada, hehe ... Curious little animals

Next to iguanas, in addition to the crocodiles or flamingos in their respective enclosures, we can find loose throughout the complex from badgers, squirrels, all kinds of birds and some curious animals called koaties.


The only pity is that although these bugs have their own diet, let's say it's "little respected" by the guests.


We said it in the first lines, the Grand Palladium Resort & Spa is a true city built on a mangrove, which makes all its "inhabitants" share their lives with us. The contrast in a few meters is really incredible.


The sunset begins to arrive from 19'00 and the animation is removed. It's time to get "handsome" for dinner.

exist two types of little trains, those who go from lobbies to lobbies and those who distribute people to the villages. The former have a certain regularity but the latter are somewhat more occasional and we fear that we will be touched by the occasional little walk these days.

The map they gave us last night doesn't leave us this first day. And it is very necessary to guide us today ... this is immense! It took almost 20 minutes to reach the Riviera lobby, with the initial idea of ​​trying one of the 8 themed restaurants distributed among the different lobby (there is a ninth option that is the Punta Emilia that we will talk about).


If this place is amazing by day, at night it totally transforms every day of the week. Today, for example, there is a Mexican themed night and the entire Riviera area is decorated in this way, with a lot of local markets that are added to the fountains and other permanent details.


It is precisely that taste for every detail and the lighting of the lakes, bridges or swimming pools, which makes it appear for a moment that we are in a theme park.


!!Change of plans!! Someone has forgotten the long pants in the villa! and you can not enter the themes if it does not go "well dressed" so we will repeat the buffet "Kabbah" of the Riviera in the morning (at noon we ate at the pool called "The Great Blue")


The taste for interior decoration, nowadays Mexican-themed, does not differ at all from the exterior.

Nevertheless, the time change still has something "grogis" and although we try to cheer him up with a few "tequilites," we cannot prevent them from falling down no later than 10 pm.

It goes without saying that schedules here change with respect to Spanish custom. At 7:30 or 8 the day begins, eating around 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. although there are those who start at 12:00 and leaving for dinner after 8:00 p.m.

Sport, beach and first theme restaurant

Yes ... let's run! What happens? Today, DAY 3 of travel, we have arranged to know the gym. It won't be all eating and sleeping ...

So we go running almost 10 minutes to the SPA which is between the lobbies of the Colonial and the White Sands. A little further on is the sports center, but at this point in addition to the beauty center there is a gym and some massage rooms (with quite exorbitant prices although the first day they left us a 2x1 bonus for the first three).

Although the intention is good, we did not last more than 30 minutes there before going to the buffet "La Hacienda" in the Kantenah area where we had breakfast. Today we have to try the Caribbean little beach privileged we have, right?

If there is something that has amazed us they are always the different shades of blue that catches the water in these places "paradise" and the warmth of the water upon entering. !!It is a pleasure!! We come from the waters of Galicia where the ankle is twisted up to 180º once you put it in the water and here until you want to never leave.


The Grand Palladium beach stretches from the Riviera area, although that area is full of rocks and always has a red flag, to our Mayan Suites (the best area), passing through the Kantenah pool area where more people gather and there are more sun beds.

Today the wind has completely disappeared and it makes a luxury sun again. Who said it was raining in the Caribbean in August?

We spend the morning in this area, catching a little more color, until the hunger begins to tighten and we approach the pool area. While the girls give the "zumba" and the "salsa", Javi and Isaac prefer to become "regulars" of the wet bar. Another pina colada? !!I invite!!


We were struck by the fact that although there are supposed to be about 10,000 people and 5,000 workers in this immense land, there is hardly any feeling of agglomeration. Come on, there is none at all, and we never have trouble catching a hammock, eating or changing towels.

After a "trivial" in the pool, some improvised nap and lots of sun, the afternoon almost flew by, so it's time for a shower and get ready for the nightand.

The rooms are usually made within two hours, one in the morning or noon and another at night, where they leave you a chocolate when you go to dinner. Sometimes, and we assume that depending on the tips you leave, they leave you a figurine with the towels. Today has touched a bunny (yesterday was a swan)


Boys with long pants? Today we are going to the "Dorado", an American-themed restaurant in the Colonial area.

Ideally, thematic restaurants are to stop by at 20'00 and ask for a reservation. Most of the time they will give you about 20-40 minutes of waiting and a beeper that looks like a UFO, which you can take with you and will light up when your turn comes. This is a good time to have a pre-dinner cocktail and talk a little with the family, since except for the paid WIFI in the rooms, the lobbies are the only place where there is an internet connection, although quite bad.


The "Dorado" is a pretty dispensable restaurant. A free salad buffet is the entree to a variety of meats to choose from and a cart that teaches desserts to say goodbye. The general opinion is a "no more". We would not recommend it too much.

The area adjacent to the Colonial lobby is beautiful and lively at this time of night. A show in the theater, a band next to the Sport Center, many people drinking cocktails of all kinds ...


… !!and a makeshift casino!! Javi, some "All In"?

!! Chicaas !! !! Chicaaas !! Where are you going? We're done… ALL IN !! !! ALL IN !! Another tequilazo that falls to sleep better ...


At this point of the second day we have already tried everything, from the traditional pina coladas to the sangria, daikiris, cosmopolitan, mojitos, etc ... but if there is something traditional in Mexico it is, without a doubt, the tequila of all kinds

It's time to rest, not without mentioning that in this area of ​​the world we find a Real "All Inclusive", in which no type of drink or food has a surcharge if we do not go to specialties offered as lobster or wines of great brands.

Also that everything that glitters is not gold, and although we have been lucky for the moment, we have met this morning an older couple who was very pissed off because of the 4 days they had been, yesterday was the only day that did not rain (the conversation It arose from a small rain that fell 20 minutes while we ate in the Great Blue of the pool).


COCKTAILS:Cocoloco, mango daikiri, banamana, mojito, blue lagoon, tequila, tequila sunrise, boom boom tequila, pina colada, sangria, lemon daikiri, cosmopolitan
RESTAURANTS:Kabah, El Gran Azul, La Hacienda, El Dorado (American theme)
CLIMATOLOGY: Sol y Sol. 34 ° C during the day and a 20 minute drizzle at 2:00 pm on the second day.

Tomorrow we will continue investigating, and we may make our first foray out of the complex to change some money. Until then ... another pina colada?

Javi, Paula, Silvi and Isaac, from Riviera Maya (Mexico)