One morning for Tribeca, Chinatown and Little Italy


If there is a day that we had no doubt about how to deal with it, those were the small neighborhoods of the west zone above Lower manhattan and parallel to Lower east side We visited yesterday. We continue to know South Manhattan in a morning that has taken us to the attractions what to see in Tribeca, Chinatown and Little Italy, picturesque neighborhoods each with its charms, or a Afternoon shopping in Nolita and Soho.

And the night? New York is the city that never sleeps. If so far one dinner-show at Ellen's Stardust Diner he had welcomed us and a Jazz in the Birdland, a NBA match at Madison Square Garden or a drink with the best views of the Empire State Building at 230 Fifth They had occupied our nights, today I played something different, one of the oldest Broadway musicals ... Chicago! UPDATED 2018/2019

What to see in Tribeca, Chinatown and Little Italy (with map)

It has already rained since, in our preparations, we were choosing the "things to do in New York (P1)"Among them were the libraries of Tribeca, Soho or Midtown; know the most bohemian neighborhoods or visit those places of movies like Ghostbusters that occupied our childhood

We located what to see in Tribeca, Chinatown and Little Italy in the southern part of Manhattan (you have all the details in "New York neighborhoods with detailed maps"), being small neighborhoods equivalent to Lower East Side that perfectly They can travel half a day as we would do this morning, with a quiet walk enjoying its main attractions as well as those shops, cafes or art galleries that have more taste of New York

Nor would we mind staying in Tribeca in the future, for example, although they speak wonders of Greenwich Village or West Village that we will meet in the coming days.

Anyway, I suppose that you have already realized by now that ... !! Ahhh no? Well, nothing happens, I tell you again and today I tell you through the Tour of Tribeca, Chinatown, Little Italy (and Nolita and Soho after lunch - in the following story-)


We distribute it in this way and, as you will see, we had a great time, enjoyed all the neighborhoods and did not regret anything. But, if you do not have much time to visit New York, from our experience (and always personal opinion) we recommend that you choose one of all the neighborhoods we visit this day, in the morning and in the afternoon: Tribeca, Little Italy, Chinatown Soho and Nolita.

It is our fifth day in the Big Apple and as yesterday was endless (like the article you had to read -hehehe-), well I didn't have to get up early today. We could enjoy again this wonderful hotel where we stayed, the Room Mate Grace and, above all, your breakfast. While in New York, it is very grateful to be able to enjoy a good breakfast before starting your itinerary or before taking a walk since more energy is needed than in many other places on the planet and if it is in your hotel much better. The morning route would be something like this ...

But before taking the subway to Tribeca, we had to pick up our New York City Pass that we had already in charge before coming. Thanks to her we can "manage" much better and, above all, it will help us save time that is very necessary here, you will see ... (we will talk about it in future articles, promised, you ask us a lot by mail)

Tribeca, the cinema district (and the Ghostbusters)

Barely 20 minutes by subway separate the 50st in which we got on and Chamber Station, where a day with a light drizzle awaits us that will accompany us the next two days but then we will no longer see. We are in the southern part of ¡TRIBECA !!!, one of the most famous neighborhoods in New York and of course we did not want to miss anything so we had targeted a few places fromChamber Street 1, the main street of Tribeca where we were alreadyHarrison Street where we will see the oldest houses or Columbus Park, but I better tell you in detail, right?

When we prepared the trip to New York I had in mind a visit for my essential… enter all the bookstores we met! And if I already love them, those in New York could not stop seeing them. In fact I had already read about them in some internet articles and thanks to that, in advance, I had placed them so as not to miss the most famous ones and that was precisely the first thing we saw on Chamber Street.The Mysterious Bookshop (B) It is one of the oldest mystery bookstores in New York and the only one that can boast, for example, the largest collection of Sherlock Holmes in the world, but it had a catch, it was closed ...

So, with a little bad taste, we headed to our next point in Tribeca, the Washington Market Park 2 place where we would start our walk through the neighborhood. Before, a little history. Tribeca (or TriBeCa, Triangle Below ACnal Street) was an industrial district that during the last decade achieved a great revitalization with the opening of a multitude of new businesses. Now it is a trendy neighborhood with more and more inhabitants and many shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants.

Cause curiosity to see the oldest houses in the neighborhood in Harrison Street or those alleys that seem taken from the police series oldest over the city

Too bad it's still soon, because the famous pastry shop Duane Park Patisser It would be an ideal stop, yummmm. Isaac, are we sure we won't stop? Hehe The old building of the Mercantil Exchange, is another architectural gem of the neighborhood that is hard to miss

If we talk about Tribeca we must also highlight one of the events that help his fame very associated with the seventh art. Its about Film Festival held here, sponsored by Robert de Niro, and that leaves around multitude of businesses that were born around this fact as several restaurants of more cache from the luxuriousChanterelle, the famous Bubby's Restaurant or the Nobu, of Japanese food

!!!A christmas shop!!! The first we see on the trip (we have not yet entered the 5Ave) although it has a very "Tribeca" touch. You have to recognize that they are very happy

Of course, photograph the building of the famous movie studios that De Niro opened, the Tribeca Film Center 4 or theJohn Kennedy Jr House 5 are "safari" obligatory for movie lovers.

But our most anticipated and exciting “vision” we had in Tribeca was finally ahead of our noses….The Ghostbusters headquarters!, a former fire station that served as an exterior for this famous film shot in 1984.

Located near the famous Finn square 6, at 14 North Moore Street, known as Hook & Ladder 8 7, for a moment we moved to our childhood hehehe. What an illusion made us see an "outside" so movie! It is that if you never behave like a child, it would be very boring, right?

With this rush, we continue our tour of one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York full of many more known icons, this time along Franklin Street to the Tribeca Park 8, the Tribeca Tavern Bar, one of the busiest bars ...

... or the famous Let There Be Neon 10, the creator of works of art with neon as the wings of Victoria Secrets models

Although it is a very quiet walk, we are not having much luck with the weather and it has started to rain harder, so we have decided to get a little warm in a most cozy and typical New York place with a very provocative sign that He advertised hot chocolate and delicious cakes.

CAFETERIA / PASTRIES NEW YORK | TRIBECA: Stumptown Coffee Roasters,they are a chain of coffee shops / patisseries originating in Portland, which in addition to having great pleasure in designing their premises, base their success on the high quality of coffee (it is said that they spend a lot of time visiting farms in person and are willing to pay high prices for get the best)

In New York they only have two, but we must recognize that we have loved it for a little while and enjoy a "snack" and a hot chocolate to recover "calories" (11 USD), hehe

As a curiosity, it seems that they have also set up a non-profit organization to provide cargo bicycles for coffee producers in Rwanda, after a business trip there.

The picturesque Franklin Street 9, where there is Let There Be Neon, paved pavement, antique dealers, galleries and bars, takes us to the Civic Center Synagogue, worth seeing thanks to its peculiar facade.

So with the belly full we said goodbye to Tribeca, a picturesque neighborhood that we loved and we welcomed the next point on our particular tour, Chinatown

Chinatown, a neighborhood with its own identity in New York

The Manhattan Chinatown is of the oldest and most important in the world, an essential place to visit in New York and one of the largest colonies in the West within a city. Walking through its streets is like doing it in China itself. If you know other Chinese neighborhoods you will know what we will see on our tour but we wanted to look at other places and buildings that we found interesting, starting with Columbus Park 11 a quiet park where the Chinese relax (although it seems impossible, hehehehe) they sing, practice taichí completely ignoring the visitors.

We go with a little history to contextualize it and, like everything in New York, we see that this neighborhood was not always like that. Before the Chinese began to live, this area was known as Five Points (intersection of five streets that joined in the current Columbus Park), one of the most dangerous areas of Manhattan.

Different poor ethnicities had arrived here and conflicts often happened (as we can see in Matin Scorsese's movie Gangs of New York) although over time all these cultures were integrated until the Chinatown of today was formed.

Thus, with that imposing past, the walk takes us to the famous Mott street where we can see the most authentic area (and the oldest and most original) where it contrasts to see the famous Church of the Transfigurationor its Roman Catholic school (! in the heart of Chinatown! Telita)

And it was here where a store caught our attention And it was a place that had nothing to do with the Chinese style "model all 100" that we know. What was this doing here Vintage style business with unique candles of those that I like so much?. We admitted it, he called us to enter to know a little more ...

The store in question is called Uniqulee and its owner, from Hong Kong, had opened it (a little over a year ago) with the intention of contributing something different to a Chinatown beyond its economic food, one of the points that tourists seek from this neighborhood. Of course, some candles that, by the way, were handmade in Brooklyn, would accompany us on our return trip (USD 33), did you doubt it?

He Eastern States Buddhist of America 12 with a hundred golden Buddhas near Confucius Plaza and the great arch that gives way to the Manhattan Bridge, they took us to the Mahayana Buddhit Temple 13 where we ended this little neighborhood. The entrance to the Temple is free and the opening hours are from 8:30 am to 6 pm. If you want to spend more time in Chinatown and keep soaking up this special culture, entering the temple and visiting can be a good idea.

Although it is a neighborhood that must be seen (and that attracts attention in each country in which there are the so-called Chinese neighborhoods) for me personally it is not an essential visit for its interest as much as for its importance. I think they impose a very large cultural barrier

And not only that, since little by little they have literally "eaten" the neighborhood of Lower east side (a decaying area that we saw the other day) but He is also doing it with one of the most historic in New York and that is our next destination ... Little Italy!, in a very short time the "tiny" Italy.

Little Italy, the "tiny" Italy in New York

Is set foot in the streets and you feel like eating. In this case it may make sense since it is noon and our stomachs ask for it but I am convinced that if we came at another time, with how small it is, it would provoke in us the same reaction since it has many restaurants to which more "cool" and cozy where sand it makes your mouth water with only the smell of its pizzas.

Its main street is Mulberry street 14 and It is the heart of Little Italy. This is where the multiple options for eating are located and where we already did it the day we finished the New York Contrast Tour at the Mullberry Street Bar (x4) that we already talked about (exceptional option) so, after taking a short walk, we decided on another recommendation from our readers, theUmberto's Clam House (x1)

NEW YORK RESTAURANTS | LITTLE ITALY: Umberto's Clam House, restaurant that was born in Little Italy in the 70s and that has become an institution of "little Italy". Over the years the original premises based on a seductive open kitchen environment has been remodeled and today has a exquisite taste for decoration, now in a special way since we are at Christmas.

Only one catch, are about sooooo big dishes that you have enough reserves to better carry the kicking afternoon that, without remedy, you have in New York.

A couple of pasta dishes, garlic bread, a beer and water has cost us (including tip) 50.07 USD

But it didn't end here because there was dessert and since we were in Little Italy we were not going to leave it. On the way we took the opportunity to take a picture of one of the oldest cheese establishments in the entire city, the Alleva (x3). It's nice to see how here, at least, those ancestral businesses that we are losing in Spain are preserved.

And the dessert? Well, in the famousFerrara Bakery & Café (x2) where they say they are the best cannolis in the city (in addition to ice cream). Well I have to say, in honor of the truth, that we only asked for one, with the excuse of organizing the afternoon, since we were upstairs…. and from here to roll like a ball there was nothing.

Nolita was waiting for us but this is already part of another article (along with Soho where we will spend the afternoon). Did you like the morning for the best areas to see in Tribeca, Chinatown and Little Italy as much as I do? Maybe the photos do not do justice a day like today but, without a doubt, Tribeca (and Little Italy) is already among my favorite neighborhoods in New York.

(Continue on DAY 5 (II) - Shopping in Soho and Nolita (and theater on Broadway))