Les Halles, the revitalized neighborhood on an old market


Some time ago we really wanted to escape to Paris (as I already mentioned in the preparations that we already published in this beautiful city) and, finally, we have succeeded. Discover Paris and its neighborhoods in deep As we had not done so far in the previous four trips, this is what we have dedicated to our summer trip. Yes, I know, it may seem strange that the Keys have chosen a trip at this time so close and so few days (we usually take advantage of it to make the most unique in these dates) but as soon as you continue reading you will realize why. Paris is a city ​​like Rome or New York where we would return a thousand times and we would always find something new to tell you, starting with what to see in Les Halles (with map), the revitalized neighborhood on an old market, on our arrival on the first morning and we still did not know.

We start with travel diaries and we bring you everything we have discovered in the capital of France but, above all, those experiences that you cannot miss and that we had not done in the previous trips.

Arrival in Paris from the Loire Valley

Our first part of this summer trip began touring the beautiful Loire Valley (of which the complete newspaper is already) and ended up in Orleans. A) Yes, we don't need to come from the airport because the car itself (which we had rented to tour the villages and castles of this French area) allowed us to access the main course of the trip early in the morning where we will spend 5 days that will give for much.


If you arrive at any of the airports, both Charles De Gaulle and Orly (or Beauvais), in addition to the taxi and various buses (about 1 hour from CDG and 45min from ORLY), you have the option ofhire a private transfer that although it is something more expensive (from 3 even compensates), it is waiting for you when you arrive, it takes you to the door of your hotel and you do not waste precious time that you could take advantage of enjoying the city. We usually value that time more than save us a few euros, but it depends on each pocket, of course

He Les Halles neighborhood welcomes us today as part of the center of Paris but in its origins, back in 1137, this place was called Champeaux and was on the outskirts of the walls above the swamps. Louis VII decided to create a market at that time and this function continued to undergo modifications over the centuries until in 1968 the activity of the last wholesale market in central Paris ceased.

It is around 11'00 when we are fully installed to begin what will be our route of the day through the most historic Paris.


Although we do not extend much on the collection day when we publish the Loire newspaper, in the choice of car rental withRentalcars We do not choose Europcar as we usually do, but we opt for Sixt. And that change? Only 1 reason: Central return they have in Paris (office for return of keys, parking to leave the car and hotel in the same block and in the center) that also left us less than 3 minutes from one of those great discoveries that one makes after 4 visits, the GOOD, BEAUTIFUL AND CHEAP hotel we had chosen.

He Andrea Hotel is a Small cozy little hotel that has everything you ask for in a hotel in the heart of Paris since you can imagine that Paris is a VERY FACE city and if you are looking for hotels with a certain category and well located, the budget goes up considerably. That's why Andrea is a discovery that has metro and bus stops less than 2 minutes away, is next to major visits such as Notre Dame, Pompidou Center, the Town Hall or the Louvre and in an area of ​​restaurants, bars and fashion brands Like H&M, Zara, Chanel, Cartier, Hermès, it has a 24-hour reception, luggage storage, elevator and modern rooms of reasonable size and, the best, is RELATIVELY ECONOMIC for the prices of Paris and in the center.

Without a doubt, of all our stays in Paris, this time it was the absolute success. We already have a base for future visits

¡Ahhhhh !!!!! That we hadn't told you anything, Paris will be the first big city that little Olivia will travel inside my belly (already with 25 weeks) and we want it to come out as traveling as we, its daddies, and as good as Nico its older dog brother hehehe

Of course, the fact of going comfortably in the belly will not allow us to have the high rhythm to which we are accustomed (although we will leave you marked where we do not enter for you to add it if you want)

Les Halles neighborhood, the revitalized neighborhood on an old market

As you already know from the preparations we published of our summer trip to Paris, we made a Paris neighborhood division which makes it easy for us to know the city by areas. These are the main attractions what to see in Les Halles and our route through the neighborhood that emerged on the old market:

We started today, once the procedures for the return of the car and installed in the hotel have been solved, realizing that Les Halles is a neighborhood "forgotten "with streets full of little shops and restaurants which gives pleasure to walk that has nothing to do with those markets that Louis VI created for merchants who gathered in the center of the city to sell their merchandise there.

Leaving the Sant Merri Church2 and the main museum that houses the collections of modern and contemporary art in Paris, Le Center Pompidou 3 (we saw it on a previous visit), our first contact with Les Halles occurs in what was for more than 800 years"the navel of Paris", Rue Montorgueil 4, originally an oyster market and the last scale of fish merchants from the coast. Its fromageries (cheese shops), its fruit and vegetable stands make up the identity of this district (don't miss its galleries).

Although many times one tends to be prejudiced, and more when it comes to big cities like Paris, friendly and tolerant people always appear ... or rather, the most friendly. Why do i say this? There was already a boy who helped us carry our bags up the stairs of the parking lot as soon as he saw me pregnant but he was taking out the camera and a lady offered to take a picture. So, almost without realizing the imaginary route we had drawn, we have reached the Church of St-Eustache 5, one of the preserved buildings of the old quarter and one of the least known churches but, at the same time, one of the most beautiful in Paris. On its western entrance sports the largest organ in France, famous for the recitals that can be heard in this church. The penalty was that part of its facade was under restoration so it was complicated to make a "decent" picture

If someone looks for a quiet place in the capital of France, the Les Halles Gardens 6They can be perfectly. About four hectares to enjoy a quiet walk, where Parisians take the opportunity to have their picnic at noon, read quietly or simply lie down to sunbathe on a day like today.

From here we also "intuit" (because it was under construction) the Commerce Bourse 7, a circular building that houses the bag and was previously an old grain market. It seems that inside it has murals that illustrate the history of commerce and industry in France.

We leave the Forum des Halles, an underground shopping center where you can go shopping (for another occasion) but we do have time to admire the imposing buildings on Rivoli Street that house Parisian shops, the biggest Sephora we have ever seen or the mythical 59 Rívoli 8where to see work and contemplate the works of the best creative talents in Paris spread over six floors of an old abandoned bank. There is a gallery on the ground floor that hosts new exhibitions every 15 days along with free activities, concerts and shows on weekends.

We finish this walk near the largest underground station in the world, Châtelet-Les Halles, at the point where this route could have started very close to our hotel, theSaint Jacques Tower, the benchmark that will guide us every day not to get lost and the one that marks the beginning of the Camino de Santiago in Paris with its imposing 54 meters high and its Gothic style.

This tower is all that remains of the Église St-Jacques la Boucherie and, although we would have liked to climb its "300 steps" and contemplate the views from above, Oli was asking for his "menu" in the morning so it's time to look for a place nice where to sit for a while (and take the opportunity to take my notes and then tell you all this in detail)

Almost unintentionally we ended up in one of many menu restaurants of the day with a very friendly waiter who also spoke a little Spanish So we took the opportunity to find out about the menu (EUR 40 both with drink, dessert and coffee) of the little girl (jokingly understood). Of course this neighborhood would give for much more, even to spend a quiet day between museums and that large underground shopping center.


To the north of Les Halles, on 1 Boulevard Poissonnière, is one of the most mythical cinemas in Paris, Le Grand Rex, of which we speak in the great list of. Those in love with 7th art can do backstage circuits or even enjoy some of the movie sessions (still in operation) in the largest cinema in Europe, original 1932

We leave today the neighborhood of the covered markets (literal translation of Les Halles), that of the dynamic and modern atmosphere, of trendy restaurants and bars, the big brands and the hustle and in the following article we will tell you the second part of this First day, following in the heart of Paris, visiting two of the most typical and famous neighborhoods that are never missing in a visit.Are we still with more of Paris? What do you think of this first contact with the main attractions to see in Les Halles?

(Continue on DAY 1 (II): "Illé de la Cité and Barrio Latino, the soul of Paris")