12 beautiful villages of Eastern Cantabria (with map)


Valleys, vegetation, mountain roads but ... and their populations? Entering the interior of Cantabria is not only disappear from the world of the crowded, but also venture through places full of charm and dreamlike places for nature lovers. We present today some of thosebeautiful villages of Eastern Cantabria where you should make at least one stop if you consider a getaway (with its main claims and map to locate them)

Map of Cantabria of charming villages that will not disappoint you

We are aware of how complicated it is sometimes to place certain places on a map, which is why before we start this list we place them first

Are you located We started touring the interior of the most unknown Cantabria

Beautiful villages in the interior of Eastern Cantabria (and all its claims)

Although the interior of Cantabria has many more villages still to be discovered, we present the main beautiful villages of Eastern Cantabria where you should stop, at least for some reason (or perhaps for many)

1. Liendo (and a panoramic viewpoint)

If we think of a small town embedded between the mountains and that offers you that necessary isolation, but at the same time very close to civilization, Liendo is your choice.

The closeness with the San Julian Beach and her hermitage, or the Sonabia Creek, are also sufficient claims but ... why not a stop in the Antonio Ruiz Viewpoint before installing?

2. Clean (and its river walk)

Still without going too deep inside, Limpias offers that small town next to a river of masonry houses, beautiful gardens and manicured fruit trees.

Although if something stands out this beautiful town of Cantabria is for its beautiful river walk, that we are sure that it would relax the most stressed and that we are convinced that in summer it should be even more scenic.

3. Ampuero (and the Sanctuary of the Well Appeared)

The old town of Ampuero is another one of those sets of narrow streets with old buildings that gives off charm in every corner to get lost

However, if one is at this geographical point of Eastern Cantabria, one should not miss the opportunity to approach the Sanctuary of the Well Appeared, where faith and history come together in one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the province.

4. Branches of Victory (and its caves and heritage)

If Cantabria Oriental has a capital, this is Ramales de la Victoria. A town with churches, viewpoints, a wide range of hotels and excellent dining options in the region.

While its prehistoric caves are known, such as the Covalanas Cave which we talked about the other day, Ramales de la Victoria is that beautiful town of Cantabria that presents stately mansions of past centuries. Roman palaces and bridges In very good condition

5. La Gándara (and its vertiginous viewpoint)

Already between roads of mountains and valleys, the town of La Gándara enjoys the privilege of being seated next to the birth of the Gándara river, which falls forming waterfalls and at the same time a beautiful green landscape of this area of ​​Soba

But undoubtedly, his main claim stands 300 m above it, and it is a viewpoint whose sensation of being suspended in the air makes you feel like floating on one of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole region

6. Arredondo (and the cave hermitage of Socueva)

The "capital of the world" (as they used to call it as a place of emigrants from Indians to America) has a privileged location at the foot of the port of Alisas and next to the Asón and Bustablado rivers.

If by itself this and the many nature hiking trails in all these valleys is no longer enough incentive, the nearby Rock hermitage of San Juan de Socueva it makes you feel that explorer you have inside for a day

7. Valle (and the Torre de Ruesga Palace)

Valle is really a small town that might go unnoticed if it wasn't because in such a small town you find places like Ruesga Tower, one of the most spectacular palaces (now also a hotel) and not only in this area but also in the entire province of Cantabria

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles

8. Ogarrio (and his church in San Miguel)

Also in the municipality of Ruesga, this small town presents its main claim in theSan Miguel's Church, of tardogotic style, in great state of conservation

Also in Ogarrio it is said that three bronze swords were found with silver rivets belonging to the shellfish.

9. Rain (and the Matienzo Valley)

If all of Cantabria Oriental already presents you with that concept of isolation and disconnection, there is one that stands out above the others is the Matienzo Valley

Rain is embeddedbetween the valleys and only communicated by mountain roads full of curves but in very good condition. We can presume that it was a long time since we drove alone !! more than 1 hour !! Without finding even the first car. Have we convinced you to "disappear"?

10. Drying (and a charming inn)

Are you looking for something better communicated? Secadura is another perfect option for this and without forgetting that beautiful town of Cantabria embedded between the mountains that also represented Liendo, and a few minutes from Civilization.

And why choose it? We are going to give you two reasons. The first is that very close are the vineyards of Vidular where you can make a visit to the Vidular Wineries We loved it. The second ... have we talked about the inns of Cantabria? Soon we will tell you more (you already have the review of Posada el Campo available) but a picture is worth a thousand words ...

11. Solórzano (and its baroque temple)

Located in the region of Transmiera we return to find a concentration of historical-artistic heritage of great importance and interest as is the Parish Church of San Pedro Apostle, 17th century baroque temple with ribbed vaults, choir, main altarpiece, doorway and bell tower, which deserve a stop thanks to Lola in the comments for the correction

Do not miss either, a little later in Hornedo, the parish church of Santa Juliana de Hornedo dating from the eighteenth century and neoclassical style

12. Hoznayo (and an abandoned palace)

And we finish our route and our list of charming villages of Cantabria in Estrambasaguas (which one day we will learn to say everything often), more specifically in the town of Hoznayo and very close to the connection with the A8, and more specifically in the Palacio de los Acebedo, declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1979, work of the architect Juan de Naveda although very damaged (and does not allow visits)

In the town of Hoznayo, the waters of "La Fuente del Francés" (mining-medicinal) that have commercial use are also known.

What do you think of this selection of beautiful villages of Eastern Cantabria To make a stop on your way and the claims they present? Undoubtedly, this area of ​​the province has been one of our great discoveries in the last trips. You dare?

Paula and Isaac, touring beautiful villages of Eastern Cantabria