7 luxury plans to do in Tenerife on your trip


From Teide itself, the third largest volcano in the world from its base and World Heritage by UNESCO, to its privileged climate not far from the African coast, passing through the 17 km of the longest volcanic tube in Europe, La Laguna, Lago Martiánez or more historical places, charming villages and hamlets or viewpoints that make you feel giant. All this is enough incentive to consider a trip to the island of Tenerife but, if you are one of those who also want to enjoy it further, We propose 7 luxury plans to do in Tenerife so you have a perfect holiday.

Remember that we are the ones to hit that gastronomic whim or that charming hotel so those who travel as backpackers or looking for a low-cost tourism, you will not feel identified here

7 luxury plans to do in Tenerife on your trip

1. The cliffs of the giants under the "Michelín" seal

As you will know, the boat trip to Los Gigantes cliff which we have already written in the past is one of the most famous on the island of Tenerife but, what if we now tell you that in addition to Kazan, M.B. or Kabuki, now very close to this exceptional marine enclave is located another Michelin star based on local and cosmopolitan cuisine? We talked about the last restaurant to join the list ... Juan Carlos Corner!

The fishing tradition of Los Gigantes has not gone unnoticed and, if you want an especially romantic night, it can be a perfect plan to do in Tenerife for your trip and thus delight in the best cuisine in a privileged location.

2. A paragliding flight from the summits of Adeje

Without a doubt, one of the most spectacular coasts of Tenerife is in the south but, beyond traditional visits, what would you think about flying over the summits of Adeje to get the best panoramic?

We know that it is not a cheap experience but a paragliding flight can be one of those things to do in Tenerife that you will not forget in your life

3. Stay at the paradise resort you dreamed

Whether you come with your family, as a couple or as you like, enjoy this paradísiac resort at the top of a cliff or overlooking the Atlantic is possible in Tenerife And why not add a la carte restaurants, SPA, sports activities or even amphitheaters? There are many options offlight more hotel in Tenerife for all travelers

Who doesn't fancy a "disconnect" in an all-inclusive once a year?

4. A night dancing until dawn

Perhaps it may seem a more alternative plan to which we are accustomed but the live music and bars and restaurants of Tenerife night invite us to enjoy those pre-party wine glasses or book that VIP table for a great show like the Magic where cocktails or champange served by the best professionals can accompany the selection of music and dancers of the show. Will we arrive at dawn?

5. El Teide from another point of view with sunset and stars

No one worth their salt should leave the island of Tenerife without visiting Teide, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of those places where magic envelops you but ... what if you stay at the spectacular sunset that offers every afternoon and you stay at night to observe the sky through telescopes prepared for it?

A dinner of typical products and specialized guides will be in charge of taking you to the most special experiences of the island.

6. On a sailboat along the coast of Tenerife

There is no doubt that one of the most incredible experiences of any island is to navigate observing its coast from the sea. In Tenerife it could not be less but also doing it from a sailboat, without noise pollution that spoils the moment, we will have access to the marine secrets that surround the coastal waters with whales, dolphins, turtles and all kinds of wildlife

Of course you can reach Puerto de La Cruz, Icod, Garachico, Masca, deserted coves and bathe in the sea in the deepest waters. How about?

7. Enjoy a private natural lava pool

We cannot ignore the volcanic nature of the island that creates true Martian environments in some landscapes of it. One of them is the natural lava pools that formed over thousands of years, especially in the city of Garachico.

What better way to enjoy the sun than in a private one for us accompanied by a refreshing drink or a cocktail before tasting again the extraordinary gastronomy of Tenerife?

Did you like the luxury plans to do in Tenerife for your trip? Would you add any that you have experienced? We already have the wonderful island among our short-term goals again! Photos that are not typical of our material belong to the Shuttershock image bank to which we are subscribed

Isaac and Paula, from Tenerife