7 Valentine's getaways (romantic or not)


We know that not everyone considers the date of February 14 as a special day for their romantic part but ... what if we talk about traveling the thing changes? Whether you like the day or not, it is a good excuse to consider that different weekend with your partner. We suggest, based on our latest experiences, 7 Valentine's getaways (romantic or not) that may end up on your wish list for this year.

Of course, being a short getaway, we go through the Peninsula. Do you want to get ideas for Valentine?

7 Valentine's Day getaways in Spain for your list

Valentine's Day Getaway in Barcelona

A classic among the getaways of these dates, with their Romantic apartments, their modern and avant-garde restaurants, the multitude of different plans (A play? A walk through the Park Güell? Or even a calçotada taking advantage of the time we are in?)

All plans in detail in "Valentine in Barcelona"Where to get from anywhere in Spain is always simple

Valentine's Day Getaway in Tarifa

If there is a trip through Spain that we were passionate about last year is the one that took us to the Gaditana coast where its beaches, its gastronomy and the warmth of its people do not leave indifferent. As it is just a weekend, what do you think Rate as an option? The walled city presents one of the most charming historical centers that we enjoy, In addition to some singularities.

Of course, there are multiple options for apartments in Tarifa beachand even, with crazy weather, you never know when it will be time to take a good dip in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Atlantic Ocean, without having to move as here is the meeting point between them.

Valentine's Day Getaway in Cantabria

We will surprise no one at this point if we tell you that we are in love with Cantabria and, more specifically, with its Eastern part that we met last year. Those you are looking for disconnection, escape from the city and intimate and romantic moments you have your best option here

More ideas for Valentine's Day? Don't miss our "12 beautiful villages of Eastern Cantabria (with map)"that will solve until the last doubt you have left

Valentine's Day Getaway on the Costa Blanca

From North to South, from West to East, we go to the Costa Blanca with a "luxury" proposal. How would you like to enjoy the small towns of the Costa Blanca like Altea, of gourmet tourism, the cradle of artisans and artists or of haute cuisine?

We tell you in detail in "Costa Blanca, luxury tourism in 8 reasons"(including video)

Valentine's getaway in Valladolid

It was our choice last year and we were not disappointed at all but quite the opposite. Valladolid is much more than culture and a pleasant route through its city ...!It's tapas taken to the extreme!! (Does it show that we are very "triperos"?).

We already told you in his day "5 plans in Valladolid as a couple"that are still valid today.

Valentine's Day Getaway to San Sebastián

And since we are from Galicia (and soon we have prepared a surprise here) we go back to the North, to the most beautiful city in Spain for Isaac ... San Sebastian!

We want to return because we still don't have much information on the blog, but you can always read "5 suggestions to make in San Sebastián"and get some ideas for Valentine

More ideas for Valentine's Day outside of Spain: Porto

But weren't 7 Valentine's getaways? For the last one we left Spain and approached our neighbor Portugal, more specifically to our recent trip to Porto, Guimaraes and Braga Of which we are so delighted. Do you want a romantic getaway? Porto is your place!

And what is the reason we consider Porto an ideal getaway? The places what to see in Porto They fit perfectly in 2 or 3 days, the cuisine is spectacular and the corners for lovers are countless.

And you, Have you already taken your ideas for Valentine's Day from this list? Do you have any other proposal that you want to tell us or that can help us choose ours? Tell us!

Paula and Isaac, thinking about the Valentine's getaway 2016