9 baby animals that will melt you on your travels


We admit it! Even the worst day seems different when we find them. They are puppies or newborns who create in your travels those unforgettable moments that you keep a lifetime, capable of deterring the very Gargamel obsessed with his smurfs. Today we bring you those images or photos of cute baby animals that we have found in our adventures around the world, sometimes in the strangest places ...

1. Koala baby, the closest thing to a stuffed animal

We begin the list with one of the most distant, but possibly the most similar to a "teddy bear" of all. The baby Koala is the most tender thing our eyes have seen ... lazy, delicate and always protected by her mother

If adults are already adorable, what can we say about the little ones? When he looks at you with those little eyes, sometimes sideways, there is no hard soul that does not tender

We saw them in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary of Brisbane, very well cared for, during our trip to the South Seas.

2. Baby turtle, Paula's weakness

Paula loves animals above all things. If there is a nature and wildlife trip, Paula has already made the backpack to leave. He loves elephants, hippos, dolphins, penguins ... but above all of them !! The turtles !! They are your weakness. Do you know which was one of his favorite days and without having to go to the most remote corners of the planet? The day that we visit Tulum in our trip to Riviera Maya, Turtles had just been born and were going to facilitate access to the sea.

Smaller than the palm of the hand, these cute baby animals turned frightened, although Paula always has a special touch with the animals and with her they were calm. Now they are sure to swim in the happy Caribbean seas.

3. Blue-footed baby booby, ... or the most similar to the Caponata Chicken

How are we just recounting these days our trip to Quito and Galapagos, this you have more recent. The young of this character that is already in itself the little "blue legs" is the closest thing we have ever seen to the Caponata Chicken that many of us remember as children and that have the peculiarity of being bigger than their parents! when they get hair

However, the day we did the Tunnels tour (one of the best in Galapagos) we could enjoy the birth of one no bigger than a chick

It is still fascinating to observe how in addition to these legs, they have a nice light blue tint throughout the body and eyes since childhood.

4. Baby lion, the little prince of impudence

Behind the thickets of a nearby acacia a little head appears in a playful attitude. It's early morning in Murchison Falls (Uganda) and one of the most beautiful parks in Africa gives us our moment of the day

Behind this little teddy appears his mother who rubs his head with him as a sign of affection. Even in the wildest world there is room for tenderness ... although there is a clueless in the scene that wants to fight and begins to bite the one that seems smaller.

They are barely a few meters from us but they are not immuted in the presence of others. They are the little princes of the impudence ... and someday they will be the kings of the jungle.

5. Baby whale, bigger than many adults

We all associate the whales with one of the largest animals on the planet. It was during our trip to the South Seas when we had the privilege of not only seeing humpback whales (which we had already sighted in Antarctica), but of being able to swim with them in Tonga (one of the few places in the world where you can)

What we did not expect is that next to those giants of the sea we could witness the scene of a mother with her young and her particular "siren song". One of the most magical moments we have enjoyed on any trip.

The scene had many moments of adrenaline, and although it was still one of the cute baby animals we have found, its size was larger than many adults.

6. Baby penguin, the funniest of polar lands

Penguins are already habitual in our trips. Peru or Ecuador In the wild or even in Norway, in some well-kept park, they have been willing to introduce themselves. But it had to be in the trip to Antarctica when we witnessed the birth of our first baby penguin.

It was already mid-December, and although our expedition came to an end and is usually towards the end or January when the young begin to make an appearance, our visit to Port Lokroy on Goudier Island He wanted the shell of one of the eggs to show the first eyes of these toy dolls.

If your parents are already animals that we all want to have at home, friendly, fun and with that peculiar walk, what about these cute baby animals that are their offspring? ! Adorable!

7. Baby hippo, the "chubby" of Africa

Although it usually sounds a while, the hippo is another of our favorite animals. You have to be very careful with them, because curiously they are the ones that cause the most deaths in Africa every year, but ...! It has a very nice face! Or not?

We were browsing the Kazinga Channel in Uganda, although we had seen them days before in Kenya during our trip to East Africa, when we saw that little newborn boy next to his mother.

Fearful, he did not take off from her at any time, and it is possible that vulnerability that conveyed that made the "chubby" of Africa look so tender

Many of these images or photos of cute baby animals do not convey what we live in the moment, but sometimes it is better to live that moment than take a thousand photos, hehe

8. Baby kangaroo, a stylish jump

We return to our trip to the South Seas and with him at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary of Brisbane. Why? What other animal in Australia makes us all melt when we see it? !!Yes!! !!The kangaroo!! But if it's already a baby kangaroo who looks at you with cute eyes to feed him ...

This sanctuary, where you can also see unknown species such as the Tasmanian monster, is one of the few enclosures we have seen in the world where animals are not in the wild but enjoy care, attention and immense spaces for their enjoyment. In the case of these little "jumping" newborns this is appreciated

By the way, at no time were they afraid of people approaching. !Good sign!

9. Baby sea lion, tenderness par excellence

But if we talk about interaction with man, we must return to our trip to Quito and Galapagos without a doubt and one of the most tender moments we have lived.

It was on our first day already, on the beach La Lobería on San Cristobal Island, although also days later in the Santa Fe Island near Santa Cruz, when we would "discover" the babies that have most awakened in us. The poor ones went from side to side while their mothers perished on the beach and approached you as if asking for something.

However, both in this and in the rest of the cases, the nature of the species itself must be preserved, and despite the fact that our instincts would lead us to reduce them, we had to separate a little from them to avoid transferring our smell to them and that their mother I could refuse them ... !! and don't see how it cost us !! You just have to watch this video

And for you, What is your favorite cute baby animal on this list or what have you seen on your trips and where did you do it? !! We accept photos or videos of them !!