8 Greenland viewpoints with infinite beauty


Ice masses in the form of imposing glaciers or sculptural icebergs surround our adventure since we landed in the Southern greenland 8 days ago What I could never imagine is that the landscapes of this territory, mostly frozen, could bring to my eyes so many colors and contrasts.

Day by day, stage after stage, the route designed by Ramón Larramendi in his so-called “Wonders of Greenland” He justified me that he could not have a better name. Many years have passed since the famous founding explorer of Polar Lands step on these lands but, saving distances (of course), I think I have managed to take a piece of that spirit of exploration that brought him to settle here and that I have much to tell you when I return but today I bring it from the most beautiful natural viewpoints I've stepped on a traveling life. Do you want me to transmit infinite beauty from a distance? 8 Greenland viewpoints where to do it

1. Qassiarsuq as Erik the Red watched her centuries ago

Away from the white print that I thought I was from day one, pastures of an intense green contrasted with the blue fjord on the horizon. It was in the place where in 985 the first Viking would step on Greenland lands.

2. The Thousand Flowers Glacier Valley

We cross valleys, climb steep mountains and even remnants of winter ice. We leave behind lakes, tundra and dozens of kinds of flowers that grow in this area. What awaited us was so impressive that a photo is as small as we were before such a glacier landscape

3. The icebergs bay of Tasiusaq

The Sermilik Fjord is a true spectacle of icebergs floating to such an extent that it makes navigation beyond a small kayak almost impossible. Here we will be when this story is published

4. Narsaq, the most important population

Currently there are about 1,600 people who live in one of the nerve centers of South Greenland. Fishing and seal hunting is their main way of life

5. Qaleraliq from the glacier camp

Fletanes, the Polar Lands camp in Qaleraliq, is one of the most privileged places I've been in my life. A unique enclave in an environment where the wildest nature roars at every moment.

6. On top of “an ice bucket”

Can you imagine ascending with crampons over an immense mass of ice of different shades of blue and observing the bay on which “soils” its sorac in each rumble?

7. A viewpoint to the inlandis, the white desert

If Antarctica is the white desert of the South Pole, Greenland leaves in the distance from the top of “Fletanes” an infinite horizon of ice of more than 2,500 km that if we divided among the entire population of the world we would touch a “cube” of 80x80x80! METERS !!

8. Igaliku, the most beautiful town in Greenland

... or so the connoisseurs say. Walking from the village of Illitek, we ascend the path to a bank that indicates a natural viewpoint with the most beautiful views of an inheriting town of the Vikings and that today is the object of holiday tourism of the Greenlandic

Have I been able to convey a bit of what I am living? And you, which one do you prefer?

Isaac, from the deepest part of Greenland