Hawaii from Los Angeles, a dream come true


Today we left the great metropoli. Our day was a little wait until it was time to go to the airport to take the flight that would take us to Hawaii from Los Angeles, more specifically to Hoahu Island, which is where the capital is located and where we would stay at the “Hilton Hawaian Village” hotel.

Hawaii from Los Angeles, fulfilling a dream

These islands are a true myth in the imagination of those of us who live on this side of the planet. We feel like that idealized and distant paradise that everyone ever dreams of.

But before, the time of that wait we gave ourselves A few strolls through Downtown L.A., as the Americans call this city and we take the opportunity to make some last minute deals in this crowded area of ​​people and shops. At lunchtime, the truth is that we had few options, we ended up eating the typical American hamburger, since it is the midday option for Americans and was not much more at that time. I think it is since then that this type of food repels me so much.

East newspaper is counting offline years later (2016) and, unlike the rest, it has more sentimental value than practical data for the traveler (although it can be inspiring), representing that "great trip" that we all have and possibly being the final drop that led a family to be traveling Keys 😉

Finally It's time to go to the airport and fly to Hawaii from Los Angeles, which arrived well after midnight (the flight lasted about 6 hours) NOTE: Years later we would go to Vanuatu to reach Solomon Islands. Do you remember "the day that never existed"?

Against any preconceived idea, in which you expect that A beautiful Hawaiian girl hangs a wonderful flower necklace around your neck, we had to settle for our guide, man and not so beautiful He was kindly waiting for us with a wonderful necklace of yellow flowers, of intoxicating perfume.

Oahu is the most populated island in Hawaii. The biggest city is Honolulu (where we were going to stay), The state capital. Other places of Oahu with international renown are: Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head.

Hawaii, the paradise islands of the United States

Oahu is formed by two volcanoes, Koolau and Waianae, with a wide valley between them. The maximum altitude is 1,225 m above sea level. With a total area of ​​1,545.3 km² it is the third largest island in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Oahu was the first of the Hawaiian Islands that The Englishman James Cook discovered on January 18, 1778. After having explored the entire South Pacific (the same one that we would travel in our trip through the South Seas) He was surprised to find high islands in the middle of the North Pacific, with the same culture that extended to New Zealand and Easter Island. King Kamehameha III moved his capital from Maui to Oahu in 1845. 'Iolani Palace is a sign of the presence of the monarchy. Today, Oahu is an international tourist destination with more than five million visitors each year, mainly from the continental United States and Japan. Crowd of movies and television series have been filmed on the island.

Pearl Harbor is a bay located west of Honolulu. Most of the harbor and the surroundings of the bay are an American naval base, the headquarters of the Pacific fleet. It was the attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941, that caused the United States to enter World War II. The remains of the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri are memorials of the war.

This it's basically what awaited us on the island of Oahu that we were going to visit, from next day, rather, from that same day, since we arrive well after midnight at our hotel

The first surprise was the outdoor reception, surrounded by burning torches that gave an air of mirage at that time of night.

The second was the piece of room they gave us. It was a room shared by the four, as we traveled as I said, with our famous "family plan" that then worked in the United States for families, was a cheaper way to travel to this country.

Exhausted from this day of waiting, The four of us fell into a deep sleep quickly. We still had a lot to see ... All the photos are own - scanned of those analog reels - except some used as resources of the database to which we are subscribed from Shuttershock.

Mª Carmen (and the Chavetas family)