Travel to Dublin in 4 days


We tell you all the details and practical data necessary for the next adventure. !! We are going to a trip to Dublin in 4 days!!

A first look at the trip to Dublin in 4 days

TRAVELLERS:Since October in Cuenca and Japan in August it's been too long, so I'm leaving Isaac in company spend a few days in the capital of Ireland.

TRAVEL TIME: It will be of4 days, like almost all the escapes that we have been doing lately. Our trip will go from the February 6, 2009 to February 9, 2009.

TYPE OF TRAVEL: Travel with friends. Travel for free.

ITINERARY:It will be updated in the "Travel Journal" section. A priori, few things we need to prepare this trip for the elderly of the accommodation and the flight to arrive:

- The transfer between Airport and downtown, very simple and well connected by Airlink as well as by public buses, as you will see in our story
- We will book the visit to the Guiness factory in advance, at the following website: //
- And the most incredible ... !!! WE HAVE GOT TICKETS FOR IRELAND - FRANCE !!!. I used to sit and watch the games with my father when I was a kid. And this time we will be there to see it. The climax of any Irish ...

MAIN TRANSPORTATION: The best way to take advantage of a 4-day trip to Dublin is to go by airplane. The truth is that we had been circling this trip since October last year but it was not until January 5 that we got a good offer. Neither Easyjet, Airberlin, Ryanair, managed to meet our needs for these dates. Without being low-cost, if we find any good offer with Iberia on this occasion but it was to see the offer of Aerlingus The one who decided us. That if, like all low-cost, started at € 9 per way and they were added that if € 6 to choose the seat, if not more. Such and Easter ... and ended up at approximately € 42 per way, although it is still a good rate.

ACCOMMODATIONS:They will be updated in the "Accommodations" section. Dublin is an expensive city in terms of accommodation, although it is true that it has a good chain of bed and breakfast and much cheaper hostels. Still we choose a complicated weekend and with short notice since an Ireland - France moves masses. Something unique in life. After many laps and after valuing good and cheap accommodations (and with much fame in the forums) like the Maple Hotel wave Lyndon House, we decided on him Celtic Lodge, FROM EXCELLENT LOCATION And good reviews. As always, you will find a ARTICLE HERE from our experience in him ...

In the heart of Dublin, it is located just north of the main bridge that crosses the Liffey River. 5 minutes from the bus station, O'Connell Street, with own restaurant and bar.

Another advantage of this accommodation, as the Maple Hotel or Lyndon House also had them, is that it is just 10 minutes from the most lively and party area in all of Dublin, the Temple Bar. And Dublin has something different from other European countries, more similar to Spain, that magical nightlife ...

ID: Since Ireland belongs to the EU, it is not necessary neither visas nor passport (Although it is always convenient to take it and we will do so).
TRAVEL INSURANCE: Never leave WITHOUT TRAVEL INSURANCE! It is an insignificant amount with respect to what it can cost you "a bad experience without insurance". We have traveled with all types of insurance although now we always travel with IATI after the good experience of the trip to Switzerland. Do not have the slightest doubt that we tell things how they happen to us, we do not want to lose the veracity of our diaries, and it also helps us to travel, so If you need insurance and you are a CHAVETAS reader, now you save 5% by clicking here (THE DISCOUNT APPLIES DIRECTLY AND IT ALREADY APPEARS IN THE PROCESS)

LANGUAGE: English is the language of the country and, to a lesser extent, Irish is preserved.
CURRENCY: The currency of Dublin and Ireland is the EURO. !! Eye for visits to Belfast !! Northern Ireland is the United Kingdom and the Pound is still used.
CARDS: Credit cards can be used without problems without significant penalties
GUIDE: Again the LONELY PLANET, in this case the new edition called "DUBLIN, NEAR"
PHONE: ROAMING works perfectly with Movistar.
INTERNET: It works well in any cyber. Free WIFI is also widespread.
SECURITY: Dublin is a safe city in general terms, keeping typical common sense precautions.
VACCINES: None required
ELECTRICITY: The voltage is 220 V but an adapter is needed for 3-pin flat plugs.
TIME DIFFERENCE: At this time, the time is -1 Spanish
RELIGION: Mostly Roman Catholics (almost 87%) and minority the Church of Ireland.

Travel to Dublin: An approximate budget

Like all our last getaways, we will try to go for "2 hard", once we have the "special gift" of the tickets of Ireland - France of the Six Nations. This would be our budget:

160,00 €
366,00 €
70,00 €
300,00 €

To take into account that in the OTHERS section, we contemplate both the whims, various purchases, hotel supplements, etc ..., as usual

New adventure, new experiences ...