I Meeting Bloggers in Cantabria


Before continuing with the recent accounts Getaway to Bucharest and Transylvania 2011, it is a pleasure for "the keys" to write about a meeting promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Cantabrian Government with the collaboration of Open Communication.

We are talking about I Meeting of Travel Bloggers and Social Networks specialized in tourism that will bring together some of the most recognized travel blogs in Spain, press and regional level and among them is a privilege that together with our website MORE THAN sister, have invited travel keys, which for agenda reasons, will be represented by Rebeca Barn, blood key.

It will be a pleasure to share the appointment with people like:

- Inés Fernández de MY TRIPS THERE
- María Jesús I took from YOUR DESTINATIONS
- Doris Casares de 3 TRIPS A DAY
- Quique Cardona de TRAVELER
- Juan Antonio Martínez de WE ARE TRAVELERS
- Sergi Bellver of LETTER MAGAZINE
- Juan Coma de TOMCOMVIDEO

The truth is that it seems to us a unique initiative and that demonstrates a dose of imagination in the new times that run, as well as being a great opportunity to know and make known in a closer way extraordinary places of Cantabrian excellence, both cultural and historical or gastronomic. From San Vicente de la Barquera, to Comillas, Santillana del Mar and Santander, the caves of El Soplao and Monte Castillo, the spa of Puente Viesgo, the Nature Park of Cabárceno, the Natural Park of Oyambre and the Cabuérniga Valley. And of course, the museums of Altamira and the Maritime of the Cantabrian, where a meeting with the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Francisco Javier López Marcano will take place. And is that Cantabria has a lot to offer the traveler.

All the follow-up of the trip can be done from the usual blogs of the participants, such as their facebook and twitter channels with the hashtag #cantabriainfinita. In our case, as always, in the CHAVETAS CHANNEL ON FACEBOOK and CHANNEL CHAVETAS IN TWITTER also the channels of THE CORNER OF SELE.

You can find more information about the event on the website of Cantabria Tourism and in the related article of Sele's Rincon. !! Until returning !!

UPDATE 02/25/2011: Rebeca and Sele bring us the first news in Blogtrip Cantabria Infinita (I) in El Rincón de Sele, our sister web live.

UPDATE 02/26/2011: Rebeca and Sele update us again on Blogtrip Cantabria Infinita (II) in El Rincón de Sele, our sister web live.

UPDATE 02/27/2011: Rebeca and Sele end their stories of an incredible weekend with Blogtrip Cantabria Infinita (III) in El Rincón de Sele, our sister web live.