Australia, return to civilization


It's a shame not getting a good link with NauruIt would have been a great opportunity to see another "different world" in Micronesia. The only option we have left would be for Brisbane going Monday and returning on a Wednesday, but the truth is that we find it too risky fearing we were lying there for 1 week and not being able to return on August 29 to Spain, where "we are claimed."

Thoughts aside, the Mary's Motel bus has left us at Bonriki International Airport in Tarawa at 7'00. We have really seen them "rustic" and more "rustic" these days, but this takes the palm to inefficiency (rates 20 AUD per person and drinks 3 AUD). The flight that comes from Nadi is somewhat delayed, so we fear for our link with Sydney.


The The route we intend to do today is to connect with Nadi in another 3-hour journey, and then exceed the 5 hours that separate us from Sydney, to set our "new base of operations" in the famous Australian city leaving the "hub" of the Pacific that we can no longer use it.

While Paula sleeps, the flight allows Isaac to write the last lines about this "shock" that Kiribati has supposed in our trip. We could write hours about the multiple problems he faces. Life in Kiribati does not seem simple: overpopulation, poverty, garbage and even "sports crisis" before falling into the sad condemnation of diving like Atlantis of the South Pacific. It could be perfectly defined as the "country of misfortunes."

We read that in "The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift the Equatorial Pacific", a travel chronicle published in 2004 that aims to demolish the paradisiacal fame of these islands putting the problems on the table, the author J. Maarten Troost refers satirically to questions such as "the beer crisis", when a ship carrying the islands left its cargo on an erroneous island. What they lacked! However, this shortage of supply and variety is supplied with food from the sea itself and the island in abundance


The best is stick with the good, with its culture, its customs, the fact that Kiribati welcomes in its territory the place of the land that before welcomes the new year. the northern area of ​​Tarawa and its cleanliness, its children ...


… especially their children, still ignorant of the future that awaits them, but always happy and willing to offer you their best smile in exchange for your claim.


What will happen to Kiribati? We all intuit it but none of us want to imagine it. Now yes, see you soon Kiribati!

The 3 hours to Nadi fly by but we are 30 minutes late. Our stopover, now reduced to 1 hour and 30 minutes, has become just 1 hour, and having to pass passport control, collect bags, return to the counter area and redo the entire process. !!Impossible!!

But there is always a good person who, with a little will, can do you a great favor not to forget. With CHECK-IN on flight FJ912 to Sydney closed for 10 minutes, and with only 30 minutes for flight takeoff, the friendly guy at the counter speaks for the walkie. He has been able to open the billing again and has quickly given us the boarding passes to run away to pass the controls. We are lucky, as there are hardly any people, and in 15 minutes we are in the queue that has already begun. ! GOT!


Tomorrow, already installed in Sydney, we will decide the last days before returning to Spain where "we are claimed"

Now we fall. 5 hours await us where tablets, mobiles, books to those of us who had lost track of them on the flights of Air Pacific, Fly Salomon, Air Niguru or Air Vanuatu reappear in our lives. 5 hours that take us to a beautiful view of a wonderful day in the city of Sydney He welcomes us with his best face.


!! Australia !! The land that Dutch explorers sighted in the XVII and that began 42,000 years ago with the arrival of the first humans. Which the British conolized, since the previous ones deemed it uninhabitable and inappropriate for it, and that it gave solution to the problem of British penal overpopulation and whose transport would not be abolished until 1840-1864. The land of the aborigines decimated by the diseases brought from Europe, or that of the gold rush of the 1850s. We enter a new territory that we already stepped on our transit to Honiara because of Air Pacific more than 20 days ago.

We are in New South Wales, the oldest and most populous state in Australia, known as Port Jackson, the most important port in the state capital, Sydney, which is not in Australia which is Canberra, where approximately two thirds of the population of the same state live. It is also known by several small country towns like Tamworth, the "home of country music" in Australia.

Dozens of advertising posters where big brands are announced. Mega-escalextrix of cars that are crammed in the narrow avenues of the city of tall buildings and skyscrapers that we have not seen for days, not weeks !! People running through the streets or carrying newspapers or cafes in hurried hands somewhere ... Everything is "relatively" strange. We've been apart for a long time, and the life of civilization,! our life !, we had forgotten it for 1 full month, and we remember it again in our taxi ride (60 AUD) to the Sydney Harbor YHA where we will install our "base"

He Sydney Harbor YHA, a regular backpackers hostel that combines bunk rooms with completely private ones, it is the biggest event we have had in a hotel for years. The room IS excellent, with closet to disassemble these dirty backpacks, coffee and tea in the room, large bathroom, large bed, carpet, air conditioning (warm in Sydney, which is winter) and an exquisite cleaning. But the best thing is a reception, which gives you absolutely everything, from a large lobby where you can make your own food, or hire excursions, or buy internet access, or visit the ruins of the hotel (which has them) or help you with guidance by the city…

... although it still has some surprise, like YOUR SPECTACULAR VIEWS FROM THE TERRACE


The night has fallen on Sydney, and the two most important icons now look far away over the oldest neighborhood of the city where we are staying, "The Rocks", just 10 minutes walk from them. We feel truly privileged ...


The journey begins again. Gone are the relax, the moments stopped in time, the jungle, the mountain, the beach. The return to the big cities begins, to one that we really wanted and now surrounds us around us under the low temperatures of the Autralian winter (between 8 and 15ºC). We have already had dinner at a nearby pizzeria (34.20 AUD), we have stocked in a supermarket (22.95 AUD) and hired internet (4 AUD). Tomorrow we will have to adapt and decide, but that is another story. Family, friends and readers, as always, we are still great! (nobody worry)

Isaac and Paula, from Sydney (Australia)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 164.15 AUD (approx 142.74 EUR)