Keys v4.0, a new travel blog concept


A new concept of travel blog? It may be too much to say but (finally) the web that we always had in our head has now been reflected on the web, after 1 long year of work (modifying and layout article by article, photo by photo), and almost 9 years since that we inaugurated that first version on April 3, 2006.

We are newly launched: If you find something that you do not see well, some small fault (as little as you think) or just want to write to us, we thank you very much for your opinion because we have put a lot of love and above all work on this version. In the next few days we will work in the web cache, a CDN will be mounted and small pending things will be corrected

Keys v4.0 It is not a new design, it is a new website programmed from scratch on a modern template (Jarida), fully automated to the point that a small "extra" box inside the articles takes everything to your site, from personalized menus for the reader that will always have around him information about what he is looking for and not generic "extras".

We talk to the reader: The news

A little step back? We did not want to lose the essence that has always characterized Chavetas. The prominence of the brands, companies and services related to tourism that have fully entered the blogger world forced us to position ourselves and we have done it! If something can benefit our reader we will study it but we will remain completely independent and telling our trips, the tricks, the suggestions or that corner that we have found, now much better organized with everything that you have asked us. All the news:

- Keys v4.0 is a "skeleton" of what you want to be: We know the importance of all the stages of a trip, so now you will find in each travel guide a part of inspiration, another of planning and reservation, one of the shared experience and another more "romantic" of reports that we have always liked. Why a skeleton? We have organized what we had, but within each section you will find in the future all those well-explained doubts (better time, how to get the visa, initial orientation map to know how to make your own itinerary, broken down budgets -not missing- etc ...) than before We collected in a single article. Now if you enter a guide it will take you to this ...

- Fully responsive, adapted to mobile and tablets: It is never too late if bliss is good (as Grandma Chavetas said). More than 50% of our readers already access from these devices and we have taken them into account. The web automatically adapts to the resolution from which you enter, getting a perfect experience. Do you want to read about Quito as if it were a book? Simply rotate your tablet as if you were reading it. Do you want to see it like on the pc? Put it in landscape.

- "Smart" menus and suggestions: The big bet. We have programmed from scratch (well, Elias has done it, we will talk about it in the following article), some menus that adapt at all times to what the reader is reading. Browsing many travel blogs looking for something became a hell and they let us know. Now, someone who falls from Google, Social Networks, RSS or just browsing an article in Bath, for example, will not only have a completely customized menu next to that trip, making the day you are in bold, and giving you all the information you need around Bath (preparations, budget, the best of, hotels in which we have stayed and reviewed, where we ate, ...) but also give you intelligent suggestions from other newspapers that we have related and not 40 (in this case, for example, London) or, why not ?, the cover of today.

- Each and every travel item will be identified with a flag: Both in the side menu (if someone wants to read only the part of Antarctica for example and skip that of Argentina or Uruguay) and in the headings of each article, a flag will indicate where we are

- We separate the title and the route: The reader will have more information. If before the articles were called "DAY 17: The Japanese Alps", now this changes to a main title "The Japanese Alps" and extra information "DAY 17: Kanazawa - Shirakawago - Takayama", so that the reader knows all the route and what we focus on

- Agile top menu: We have not forgotten those who want to "change third" quickly. All our newspapers, guides and sections are arranged in a superior menu by continents, which is anchored so that you can access it at any time (always visible). You will also find them on the cover and in articles outside newspapers in the sidebar with their flag, year we went and days (so you will know better if it is what you are looking for before browsing it).

- Greater usability: Nor have we neglected the small details. An icon at the bottom right of the screen will allow you to quickly go to the top of the page just by pressing it, without having to do an eternal scroll. You can also see the latest news on the cover without accessing it from the top in the form of small "flash" or related articles under the article itself, all well structured.

- Fully modular: We can generate spaces wherever we want. A featured newspaper? A banner? Something important? Side menus, cover or the articles themselves can be modified 100% from our back end in a matter of seconds.

- More visual and attractive: We all asked for it. Keys is 100% more visual. Clear, large and fast loading photos. It is not necessary to open them to see them better but we have not removed that option, in case you do not want to read, simply browse through their photos by clicking on any of them.

- The main networks: Throughout the web you have access to our social networks, where you also have many more suggestions every day of the blog's own content or of our day-to-day travel.

- The new YouTube project: This 2015 brings a surprise that we will talk about.

- A complete evolution with respect to old versions: As we said, programmed from scratch, Keys 4.0 also represents a total design change in which we have tried to modernize all its sections. We hope you like it.

- Talk to us in all our networks, we will identify you: We were already doing it and here you can too. Since 2007-2009, where you liked to write more in the comments of the blog itself, today, things have changed a lot. Social networks are faster and more intuitive. Well, write us there! We have everything automated to import your comments to the thread of the article in question and we will identify it with its corresponding colors (although we still like talking more in the blog, which is recorded in the minutes, haha)


- Spain takes center stage: Readers have been asking us for a while and it is already here, well organized by communities and prepared to receive much more content (of course with its own side menu).

- A cover that collects everything quickly: You can find everything from top to bottom in a simple and intuitive way, to more of the support menus themselves. A first area with the latest articles, with our opinion or personal columns, to move to an area where we will make outstanding suggestions, Spain and finally accommodation. And everything !! at a glance!

We talk to Google: What a remedy!

Inevitably, although we were also doing it, we have fallen on the internet giant's networks. An article called "DAY 20: A day of jara and fishing line" says nothing to anyone, neither the reader nor google. Yoast Premium, 301, a complex programming and the visual section mentioned above, allow us now that the previous article is correctly called "The Temples of Nikko", that the extra information place it as DAY 20: Tokyo - Nikko and that the traveler and the search engine know what we are talking about and do not lose the acquired positioning.

There is much more behind the new structure, with well-related authorities and complex programming, which we will talk about in a future article where Elías Badenes, our good programmer friend, carries out what we had imagined. He The time spent on the middle page of Keys the last two years is 3:48 minutes (as far as we know, of the largest among travel blogs) and the direct traffic + searches of the type "Keys Istanbul" or "Keys Norway" over 30% (still the reference blog for many people)

We want your opinion

We would love know your opinion, what you like best, what you would improve. There is a lot of work still ahead and we are still happy to hear from you.

Remember that we are NOT backpackers, we are a couple that does not travel low-cost around the world, but as many people would do (that does not mean that we do not like to take the best option or the cheapest). We like to stick our whims, stay at that special hotel, enter that somewhat expensive restaurant for a day or try Kobe's unaffordable meat. You already know us! We are Paula and Isaac and we hope you like this new bet (and soon we will tell you our new "Christmas story").

Paula and Isaac, thinking about new adventures