Landing in Nadi, in the Fiji Islands


There are days in every trip (and more in this one) that there is little to tell. Today our "Uepi experience" ends and we will try to leave Solomon Islands, which we hope is not as complicated as the entrance, haha. With some sorrow we have made our backpacks again, we have had our last breakfast, we have paid all the drinks and vices of these days (1,228 SBD) and we have said goodbyefrom our cozy shelter, from the Easter lizard, from Rockefeller, from tiburcio, from Coconuts Crabs, from the dives, from snorkeling, from kayaking, from coconut palms, from the beautiful Marovo Lagoon and from our good friends Danielle, David, Katty and Ian

Crossing the lagoon again, the thousands of canals, the wooded uninhabited islands, the villages of the people of New Georgia, is a true privilege and A great recommendation for future travelers. Few places are seen on the planet like this one.

Look we have seen "shabby" airports, to call it somehow. Some in Africa was a poem, like Diani's in Kenya, for example. Still, that of Seghe takes the plama to the honor of being the "cutest" ever seen. If you have, you have almost no clue ...


Our route today has no greater history. to reach the Domestic Terminal in Honiara and from there move to the International Terminal (it is 100 meters walk at 33ºC) and check into Nadi, where we have connection with the other part of the island where the capital of Fiji, Suva.

But like all this it would be very easy, we have put more emotion as always. The flight of Fly Solomon, operated by Air Niguri (Papua New Guinea airline) is almost delayed !! 3 hours !!, which has given us time to eat something (48 SBD), buy some gifts (158 SBD), make some calls with prepaid cards in "perfect English" (15 FJD because we had run out of SBDs) and, for Anyway, take off towards Nadi (!! look how hard it is to get in and out of this country !!)The flight, of just 3 hours, has been a great opportunity to collect our first "most adventurous" part of the trip, with almost all marked objectives met. So, we have We start in Santa Monica, at the end of Route 66, and those prawns of Bula Gump, to pass a children's day in the original Disneyland


… a star on the street of fame hollywood He put us on the road to Vanuatu, after the strange phenomenon of losing a day along the way, and especially at Secret of the Mysterious Island of Tanna


... and the fearsome soul of the island, Yasur Volcano, which dominates it from the southeast, and that contrasts radically with the beautiful Mele waterfalls emanating from the mountain on Efate Island that hosts the capital, Port Vila ...


... Fleeing from the flood, and after a brief step through Sydney and Brisbane because of Air Pacific, we appeared in Honiara and the relics of the famous battle of Guadalcanal, which in addition to an earthquake of 6.6, left us spectacular sunsets


... to finally finish the first third of the expedition in the Seghe area, in the wonderful spectacle of nature that Marovo Lagoon leaves.

Here we have had to choose to continue discovering the lesser known Melanesia or choose to introduce ourselves in Polynesia. Melanesia contains several independent islands that are now a country, In addition to Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, it has Papua New Guinea, and dependents of New Caledonia, Norfolk, the Admiralty Islands, the Bismarck and Lousiade archipelagos. Papua New Guinea is a destination that we feel like in the short term, but we believe it is worth being there for at least a month, and New Caledonia will leave it for future partial visits like now.

It's like that Almost unintentionally we are landing in Nadi (Fiji) around 21'00. Passport and immigration controls are very slow again, so if we had had a chance to take our 20'15 link, we would have lost them along the way ...


On the one hand, Fly Salomon does not even work like Air Pacific. It has been arriving in Nadi and giving us accommodation, transportation, dinner and the first morning flight to Suva at 6:30, so our plans remain intact. That's how nice it is.

On the other hand, we have confirmed that flights to Tuvalu depart on Tuesdays and Thursdays and, after talking with Floren for a long time, we will not miss the opportunity to reach the country of "TV" (or at least the .tv domain ). We will try to reach the Funafuti atoll and spend at least 2 days there. Losing ourselves for its tiny islands would be very risky if we want to go deeper into Tonga and Samoa.

We are in the independent country of Fiji, where we will eventually spend the day We flew from Los Angeles to Vanautu. Fiji is possibly the best known country in this area of ​​the planet, and sometimes confused with Polynesia. It comprises of 300 islands, whose size is often ridiculous, but two of them are much larger: Vanua Levu (large land) and where we are, Vitu Levu, one of the largest in Oceania.

Fiji is very possible that we use it in large part of "hub", it is the center of all Air Pacific flights in the area, and since in recent years it has been a prey for American and Australian tourists in search of heavenly places, scuba diving, rafting or surfing, which has meant that in the last decade it has lost its authenticity. Even so, it seems to keep treasures, and we will try to discover them in our different steps around here. Today the day is not enough, and we have moved to a Skylodge quite acceptable, where we have been able to have dinner and fall. As always, family, friends, readers ... !! WE'RE GREAT !!


Isaac and Paula, from Suva (Fiji)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY:1,276 SBD (approx. 135.74 EUR) and 15 FJD (approx. 6.82 EUR) and GIFTS: 158 SBD (approx. 16.81 EUR)