Ymerbukta, the Arctic glacier


One more day the Arctic welcomes us. Today good morning we give them in Ymerbukta, and we have risen with another spirit, if possible more happy, despite the cold we have been through tonight, which has been a lot. To put a negative note, today we have been able to verify in Ymerbukta a clear example of what global warming is exercising on any arctic glacier… !! and it's a real shame !!

Today, for the first time for me, we will walk on a glacier ... and I can't count that every day

Towards the Arctic glacier in Ymerbukta

As we told you in the previous article, Ymerbukta Bay is one of the most beautiful and well-known places in Svalbard, here we have spent the night since the next day we would put crampons for the first time to trekking over the Esmarkbreen glacier with a front almost three kilometers long. This is a unique experience at the Arctic end!

As every day a full breakfast awaits us, but today we have a small surprise that will give us a few more calories to help us with our “walk” today. Ummmmm it smells delicious !!!! Chocolateeeee !!!!

With the batteries charged, all but David, who today we have let him rest a little of us, we prepare for a new landing ready to contemplate another wonder of nature.

As always Jytte is attentive to anything we need and this time we do need her and a lot ... "How do these crampons get? But how many laps must be given to make them tight?"Mental note: walking with your legs slightly open so as not to hurt us.

Does a sunny day as Svalbard already has us accustomed and the effect it makes on ice is spectacular. This looks more like a decorated set than the real postcard we found, but it is true that we are still in the Arctic and we will enjoy it until the last moment because it is a privilege to be here.

Already prepared as if it were a professional climbing team, at least with that spirit we go, we start the march, waiting to know what we will find in this first trekking on a glacier . Carmen, Fernando and I take it easy, it is not easy to walk on the ice with our “private skates” although Fernando more than that reason, we know that it is not to take our eyes off Carmen and me, just in case we literally put the paw in some misguided hole, hehehehe.

Isaac, concentrated with his camera, prepared so that nothing is lost, Jytte along with Ivone marking the step and Ana and Guille recording shots for their documentary. All with different objectives but with the same illusion.

And of course Esmarkbreen does not disappoint us, on the contrary, we were amazed by what we are discovering, authentic “black holes” that the thaw is forming at this time. It is a spectacle of nature that we had never seen! They are tens of meters by which to fall could be mortal.

Only the fact of intuiting the depth that it will have gives us goosebumps, go stamp and know that this every day decreases a little more, what a shame! Until we load the entire planet we will not stop ...

We keep going up, we continue to see ways that nature is drawing capriciously and we, of course, take any time to play a fool,

If the other day we looked like the protagonists of the Lord of the Rings accompanying Frodo, today we can go through the members of an Amundsen expedition, although we must bear in mind that many of those years have passed. These people were true portents ...

Anyway in the time we are in, summer, the Glacier is not shown with its normal color Like a great white blanket, but because of the thaw, the mountains around it can be seen in their original brown tone that makes the glacier look “dirty”.

But Isaac, what are you asking for on your knees? Ahhhhh I know… stop being so restless !!! Yes it sure is that…

Anyway here in such a place we could not miss the opportunity to make a photo all remembering Grandma Keys, although we do not need this to remember it, it is a nice detail by everyone in general and an endearing memory for the Keys in particular. Grandma this time nothing more and nothing less than in the Arctic, as you would say “Every day you take me further” hehehehe

Fernando, I need you to do me a favor… .you take a good look at Isaac to see if something from the name of your project sticks The Sea in Calm (highly recommended for all lovers of navigation and! do not miss the Nautical Wiki!). We will not get tired of saying that, together with David, you are one of those people that you want to meet in your life, it is the same when, because it seems that you have always been part of it ...

It is time to return and say goodbye to this new experience that we will keep in our album of memories.

The coldest picnic on the planet, an Arctic picnic

We carefully retrace our steps. Jytte keeps watching that we do not go through those areas that seem more delicate, especially because of the warming effect, and where stepping on could be dangerous, until we finally set foot on the "beach".

The sun barely turns on us, but does not exceed a very low altitude throughout the day, leaving the most beautiful colors at night although at any time of the year any time is good

Hunger squeezes, although today we will not eat on the ship, today we have brought a small picnic to be able to extend our stay in this spectacular glacier, and as a good “Calleja” worth its salt, we have taken the opportunity to take from the bottom of our backpack some ham, which thanks to Isaac's mom, has come to us pearls in Norway and of course here in the Arctic. Does anyone want some? !!! Ehhhhh one by one !!!!

Although there are products that even in the worst conditions of subsistence are swallowable (with humor, of course, they would like it in many places on the planet). My mother for the can of cooked ham on duty!

And so with our bottom glacier we improvise a country-style meal, who can say that we are not original?

Tomorrow we will head back to Longyearbyen. Our first partial view of the Arctic in Svalbard (Norway) ends here and although it has had exciting encounters with dwarf reindeer, arctic foxes, cute puffins or pretty hairy seals, we are sorry that global warming has taken polar bears to northern latitudes In this part of the planet. That presents us with new challenges and new adventures… !! and we won't stop until we get it !!

 Isaac and Paula, from Ymerbutka (Norwegian Arctic)