Shopping in Guangzhou


New day and new involuntary early bird. 6'20 and I'm already in the "hall" of the hotel writing the stories. And the jetlag still affects me a lot and I can't sleep in this city of Guangzhou.

It is curious to look at the street and see the life that is already at this time. Guanzhou has more history than it seems and already in 1511 the Portuguese were planted by sea. Macau is born. Between 1717 and 1784 arrive Dutch, Swedish, Danish, American and Australian. Then the Opium War, the Second Chinese-Japanese War, the World War and finally on October 14, 1949, the communist army of the People's Republic of China took power until today. China at times seems more capitalist than communist, but scenes like the one we see first thing with the flag hoisted at an adjacent school It reminds us that it is not so.

The rest of the family is already going down. Is breakfast time. We haven't talked much about Dongyue Fashion Hotel but a full analysis is now available in THIS ARTICLE. Just comment that breakfast is served in a place next to reception and it is ... !! terrible !! The tables have NOTHING. But when I say nothing it is NOTHING. No cutlery, napkins, or glass. In the middle of a central table they put several pots with rice, noodles, something similar to a fried egg, a meat taken from God knows where and some more things. Coffee is an instant that a girl prepares with hot water and removes it there in front of everyone before giving it to you. Anyway…

Of course, the first thing we are going to do today is return to Canton Fair that we already visited yesterday in the spectacular Pazhou.

How many people can go through a fair like this? Hundreds of thousands? Only among exhibitors and workers will there be more than 150,000 people. And the best, the complex is so extremely large that at no time you feel overwhelmed.

After spending the morning there and having a coffee (100 RMB) to rest a little, the fair in Guangzhou for us is just over. In Hong Kong we have another similar event in 2 days, so it's time to go to the subway (20 RMB).

We are curious to see what different than are japanese and chinese (comparison is inevitable), at least in constitudes. A Japanese scrupulously respects the lines, they are ordered, they never look you in the face and make the "flex effect" as soon as they fall into a subway chair. A Chinese is polite but he skips his lines a lot, they are a bit more messy, they look you straight in the eye and they take you back again and never sleep in the subway. Curious

Our destiny? When I read a traveler to say that "I came to Guangzhou with paper panties to bring the suitcase to the top" I was surprised. I couldn't believe I was so exaggerated. Conclusion: IT IS MORE.

DOGMA Nº5: If you are a pedestrian, think that you are points in a console game. any vehicle, even motorcycles, feel free to kill you

DOGMA Nº6: Even if you are really dying of thirst, so much that you can't take it anymore without hitting a drink, before you squeeze your sweaty shirt to drink from the tap water. I don't think you'll last more than a few seconds without going through the bathroom.

DOGMA Nº7: If you think the Chinese understand you, you are an illusionist. The Chinese know more or less the same English as you as the Spanish average, that is, NOTHING AND LESS. They will think that you are "speaking to them in Chinese"

The subway takes us to the Railway station, where behind is the Jin Bao Market, on Zhan Xi Lu Street, an authentic and impressive market for watches, games and clothes. There is also a silk market and an antique market, but the day is not enough for everything. The first thing we see is the area where all kinds of Game items (dominos, cards, poker chips ...) in addition to combining it with street food vendors

But if there is a worthwhile market, it is undoubtedly the imitation watch market. ALL TYPES OF BRANDS, ALL TYPES OF QUALITIES. Quasi-perfect imitations and for very affordable prices between 10-40 euros. Of course, the "High Quality", or what is the same, perfect copies, are the most to haggle. We even went up to a kind of "smuggling" offices where they were all exposed. It goes without saying that we come back with 7 watches in gifts.

The bargaining runs out, and we have found a kind of terracite in a place near a McDonalds (well, here are all kinds of American companies installed). We eat (146 RMB) and drink coffee (80 RMB) quite well.

After the watches, the second purchase par excellence (leaving aside the ceramics) is the clothing and footwear of copied brands at affordable prices. We have to say that we have spent mid afternoon up, down, shopping center or street markets and we have not found anything that we especially like. Very cheap yes, but ...

Mobile and electronic, !! HUID!. Not worth it. Bad quality, it does not last for you even around the corner and little variety. We will wait for Hong Kong.

Around 18'00 we had a soda (6 RMB) and we get back on the subway (12 RMB all four) heading to a new street, ShangXiajiu.

At this point I would like to talk a bit of Chinese culture, people. We are having complete contact with them, they are educated people and they have a character, in general, quite cheerful. Behind all this lies people who live in true misery. We have also seen that much value is given to youth and family life, couples and ...! consumption !! The truth is that it gives a feeling of a country of hypocrisy, where showing mysteries is punishable, where nothing is really known about the bad that happens and where it is sensed that 300 million people settle in a high middle class and 1000 million between poverty and misery. I hope you don't stop me for writing all this while in China.

Although we are tired of feet, we enter a street full of shops. We approach Xiajiu Street.

Restaurants, stands of "morunos skewers", "the Chinese Zara" (where Paula, there is some gift for you), clothing stores at 1, 2 and 5 euros. !! Here there are cheap clothes and great quality! This is the paradise of cheap shopping.

Now if, turning left, we enter the most important shopping street in Guangzhou, Xiajiu or also traditionally called Xiguan, and from all over southern mainland China. Almost 1 kilometer and a half of street with more than 300 establishments to go crazy.

By the way, did anyone doubt that these Chinese imitate everything? Or rather, they try, because these hams have a pint! HORROROUS !! That they will give you 4 euros for the change. Where is our black leg ...

The street, where mommy and Miriam continue to leave their yuan, although nothing worrisome (bags for 1 euro, shoes for 5 euros, kimonos for 2 euros ...), leads to a huge square in the most futuristic style, full of giant screens, neons, crowds and colored lights (like the street itself)

The street is one of the most prosperous and bustling in all of China and its history dates back more than a century ago. An essential place when night falls.

I tried to give it a try, but I can't take it anymore to say it. Being in a street market with a food stall next door is horrible. The Chinese food smells intensely and I find it unbearable. I am not a fan of Chinese food in Spain, although I expected to give it a try here, but I find its dishes unattractive. I don't like the mixes of sweet and savory flavors that they make here too.

It is perhaps because of that, and because we all think alike, so we end up in another Pizza Hat (323 RMB) It is a socorrida solution and although it does not allow to know a fundamental way of traveling, gastronomy is impossible for us, something that did not happen to us with other meals before.

From here and back at the hotel, good night everyone from the country of bargains (Paulita, you get a lot; Jose and Ketty, we are phenomenal; Giuseppe, tutto benne; readers and friends, go packing ). !! TO SLEEP !!

Isaac & Family, from Guangzhou (China)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 587 RMB (approx. 64.22 euros) and GIFTS: 1800 RMB (approx. 196.94 euros)

l Dongyue Fashion Hotel (full article of accommodation in THIS ARTICLE)