What to see in Yangon


This is something else after yesterday's beating. We haven't slept much but the day has deserved it

Yesterday we stayed at the Traders Hotel. We are in the center of Yangon City. We are next to the best movie cinema, a cafe, a street market and one of the largest Pagodas in the center of a city.

If we are to be honest, we didn't expect much from Yangon (former Rangun), a city that we thought would be a bustle of people walking meaningless. Nothing is further from reality. From the first moment (and very different than our recent trip to Jordan), we have found ourselves among the population. Here people don't look at you, nor overwhelm you and just ask you nothing. There are hardly any tourists and you feel one more among all. What we have seen today seems very sociable and friendly people.

At 9:30 we prepared to change money at the hotel. The change is very good (1230 MMK -read chats- for $ 1). We asked without thinking 200 $ and suddenly we were released two such tacos of money, !!! 246,000 MMKS in bills of 1000 MMKs !!!. We couldn't help laughing and start putting the money where we could have a good mind. We feel true TILS GILITOs

Since we didn't have breakfast at TRADERS this morning, we decided to go to the cafe opposite, AROMA COFFEE. What an occasion. Although nobody looks at you weird, the show was worth seeing: 7 waiters alone for us to serve 4 cafes and all doing something. And not only that, in 20 minutes that we could be the power went out 5 times. And all this in one of the most famous chains of Yangon cafes. Anyway ... hehe

The Spanish guide picks us up around 10 to start a visit to Yangon. Is called Hnin and will accompany us the whole trip. She is a very nice girl, somewhat unsympathetic, barely 26 years old who doesn't get a visa to visit Spain. It takes us downtown. The British were the last to leave Yangon before independence.

The walk through the center It shows us the British colonial buildings. the markets, ... We did the walk next to the population that wandered from one place to another with a certain sense. Getting to remember the atmosphere, it reminds me a lot of the movie Blade Runner, when Harrison Ford comes down to take a puppy in a fictional future. There people offer you rice noodles to eat insitu, and even crickets, cockroaches and fried larvae. It is a different environment from everything previously lived.

We left the markets with great satisfaction and headed to the first great Pagoda we visited. the largest in an urban center, Sule Pay. A magnificent temple in which we begin to realize that we are going to have to take off our shoes very often if we want to see half a country, hehe. Religion is mostly Buddhist mixed with beliefs in spirits (nats). This makes us passionate, because from what Hnin tells us, the subject of religion is something that has much to tell.

Hearing Hnin gives us the idea of ​​the state of Myanmar. The country is the union of 13 villages that coexist thanks (to say something) to the union of a regime through the Military Board that dominates everything. It is a city where the British influence in the aspect of communications, roads, house organization, etc ... But the people, although the image is not of a poor town, is poor ... not misera, but poor. Even so everyone has a smile. Hnin tells us that Burma, because of the government, is an isolated country to the world, and it shows in their customs. It is a country delayed many years. Everything is controlled (mobile, banks, visits and any type of income). In contrast, Burma is a country rich in resources, rice, minerals, but being isolated does not evolve and is stuck in a world behind. In addition, there is no tourism in itself.

From here we leave the center. We went to see the Kangandwi gardens.

The gardens are home to another magnificent temple of worship, where musical night shows are held, all within an immense lake.

The area attached to the solete that I was doing and how tired we were of the previous day led us to take advantage to eat in a restaurant on the lake there very comfortable. Burmese typical food, some eggs stuffed with prawns, a chicken noseque, very spicy here and there, etc ... !!! BARATISIMO !!! Nor 7 euros to change

After lunch we went to National MuseumIt was a somewhat unfortunate idea because we would have gladly stayed in the park to take a nap. Besides, the museum was from the government so they didn't let us pass cameras or anything. The fact is that too many museum floors for a good modorrilla. Anyway ... we skip a plant, but you can skip this.

Little was missing by the peak of the day, the Shwedeagon Paga, but before we went to see a huge Buddha from another nearby temple. Awesome. Of course, always barefoot.

Finally, the time of day was the LARGEST TEMPLE OF BUDDHIST CULT of all of Southeast Asia, Schwedeagon Pay. An immense temple of worship with a dome with more than 40 kg of gold and a diamond of more than 80 carats. There was no way to bring it to us. Of course, there was a monk (who appear under the stones) that we do not know very well what he wanted but did not stop following us. Maybe some profane profane, God knows, hehehe ... We stayed at dusk to see the show that was night. The images are worth more than any word we can say. One of the most impressive beauties that can surely be seen in the world.

Well Family and friends, with this we are going to let you see that we are going around here. Family, we hope you stay calm seeing that we have a good time. Especially because tomorrow we go to the mountain, to see the Golden Rock and we will not write because there is no internet and because although we would have arrived dead. Last morning we tell you our adventures. Especially since here you have dinner at 7 and then there is not much nightlife. Although we will look for it, hehehehe, do not hesitate. Greetings to all

Isaac, from Yangon (Myanmar)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 22,000 MMKs (approx 14eu)