Sinaia and Peles Castle


Riiiiiiiiiing! Ahggg! 4 in the morning. What you need to do to get to know the world… Toilet, goodbye from Grandma Vale and taxi (€ 28.50) to Barajas-T1

The truth is that the big surprise of the day we have taken with Easyjet, the first time we traveled with them and after reading many "kennels" it has given us an unbeatable impression (we touch wood for the return). Arrive, check in less than 3 minutes, pass control, breakfast (€ 8.60) and Swiss punctuality to leave at Bucharest-Otopeni destination time

The journey, which we practically do sleeping except when we wake up selling through the speakers! LOTTERY OF EASYJET which tombola of fair!, Lasts some 3 hours and 10 minutes, with hardly any frights.

It is to land, open the doors of the plane and see an intense fog surrounding the airbus that made the trip possible. In the end it will be true that this land has a "halo of mystery" since you step on it ...

We will also be lucky with the car. After changing € 50 to 4.00 LEI (bad change, that's why we only take a small amount to throw away), Europcar We have everything ready and no later than 12:30 we are heading towards our first goal of the day, Sinaia, with our VW Golf white in quite good conditions, snow chains included.

The view from the asphalt is not very pretty, quite the opposite. Power lines along the side of the road, huge pipes that leave a thermal power plant and rather poorly maintained houses. Romania is a country that is 30 years behind Spain in general throughout and that is experiencing a large growth in recent times and this shows. We also see a lot of "hitchhiker"

Whether we want it or not, we are tired of the hours of sleep and the flight, so we will thank you for a coffee stop (10 LEI) in Breaza

!!! Animallllll !! !! Where are you going !! Yes yes, here they drive VERY BADY. But that's soooo bad. Dangerous overtaking without visibility, crazy that stick to your ass. Luckily the road helps because it is in pretty good service.

The panorama begins to change as we enter the mountains. No later than 13:30 we are entering our destination, and after some small "stroll" we managed to find the star point of the day, the Peles Castle (parking 10 LEI, we begin to realize that here they charge you up to look)

It starts to snow heavily, but nevertheless it does not feel intense cold. We round 0-2ºC.

Peles Castle seen from afar is a true marvel of architecture. It was ordered to be built by the first king of Romania, Carlo I, back in 1873, and like that crazy king that we met in the 2010 getaway to Munich, it was nothing more than a whim as a summer residence.

Same as him Neuschwanstein Castle, this palace was born when the fortresses and castles no longer made sense from the defensive point of view. Romantic in style, it reminds one of those, with an impressive exterior full of gardens (today snowy), statues, ponds, ...

Paula, do we dare to enter? Peles Castle entrance costs 20, 50 or 70 LEI depending on what you decide to see. We have decided to see the ground floor and the main rooms (50 LEI each) in addition to paying the photography fee (30 LEI although they are 32 but they had no change). In addition you put a pair of wool shoes in the shoes so as not to get dirty.

The interior of Peles is a true exaggeration of unlimited exuberances, worthy of a great monarch. Meeting rooms with valuable mosaics, luxurious vases, unique pieces, ... Rooms for any task (breakfast, dinner, sleep, cooking, dressing rooms ...), music room for the queen and even !! SECRET PASSAGES! in the library

It also stands out for being the first castle that had central heating, electricity and vacuum cleaner, which is said soon. Completing it cost neither more nor less than !! 39 years !! with more than 400 specialists and thousands of workers, not to mention the mirrors brought from Venice, carpets from Iraq, Murano glass, Damascus swords, ...

The visit lasted approximately 1 hour and ends where it began. It is time to leave the premises. See you soon"…

Paula? Calling home to say we're fine? Well, I don't know if it worked, but ... FAMILY, WE'RE VERY GOOD !!

A few meters from the exit of Peles Castle is another particular castle, Pelisor Castle. It is accessed by climbing a small slope of about 100 meters, today somewhat difficult due to the accumulated snow.

We believe that we have arrived from luxurious rooms for today. We've already got ideas for "the house," haha. Maybe that dressing room of 200 m2 could be good for us. Anyway, we're going to settle for seeing the next palace from the outside.

He Pelisor Castle It was built between 1899 and 1902 as a second house for Fernando, second king of the Hohenzollern dynasty. Their rooms seem to be somewhat more modest, which for some would be a comfort.

It's almost 16'00 and we haven't eaten anything yet. One thing is to take advantage of the day and another to fall into faint ... !! I RUMBO TO THE PEOPLE !!

Sinaia is a very picturesque town. It is located between the border of Valaquia and Transylvania, still belonging to the first, becoming the nerve center of Prahova and referring to Mount Sinai.

Before stopping to eat, we are curious about a monastery that bears the name of the town, the Sinaia Monastery, of orthodox origin, which is still home to a score of monks (the freedom that a car gives is somewhat priceless).

The truth is that his vision from the outside is of real beauty, with a certain air of Russian origin. However, inside it has two icons offered by Tsar Nicholas II in 1903. It also contains the first translation of the Bible into Romanian

Back to the main street, without many problems to park, we find the first exchange of the trip (€ 1 to 4.21 LEI) where we decided to make a big change for these days. In addition there are many shops, stores and restaurants.

Guess where we ended up? Well yes, in the famous Irish House They both recommend that although it has an Irish style in its decoration, its dishes are mainly pasta, pizzas and Romanian cuisine. As it is almost 17'00, today is fast food ... PIZZA (53.10 LEI)

At this time of year it falls very early in this whole area of ​​Europe. At 17'40 it is already beginning, so as soon as we leave we begin to observe that the light begins to be missing ...

After giving it a couple of laps, we have finally decided to sleep today as close as possible to Bran, for tomorrow to take advantage of the day from the first hour. That is why we will continue towards Rasnov and from there to Bran. The roads in this area seem Navacerrada (we are in full Carpathians) but they are in very good condition.

Just 45 minutes later, and almost unintentionally, we see a particularly lively street with a kind of icon in the background. Are we already in Bran? Indeed, and although closed, we can observe one of the great symbols of Transylvania, where we just entered ... Bran Castle, mistakenly known as Dracula's Castle.

Garlic in hand, we have found a pension that convinces us enough to spend the night. Is called Pension Bran Beldevere (189 LEI) and the truth is that, I don't know how we will sleep, but the owners are A CHARM! (ALL THE ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE)

A charm not only for the treatment received, but because although at this time of the year they do not have the kitchen open, they have seen us so tired that the owner has gone to prepare us something (61 LEI) so that we could eat in a corner (candle included) luxury

And not least the husband, that "thanks" to him we are now writing these lines with "a slight movement" of head. Tomorrow we will go deeper into Romanian gastronomy (that great unknown), today we have done it in your drink. A kind of brandy of nose how many typical Romanian grades to the sound of NOROC !! ... and is that NOROC (we will not forget the first word we learn in Romanian) is the Romanian BRINDIS

Tomorrow we will continue discovering the corners of this southern part of Transylvania that such good impressions have caused us today with the height of a city that keeps us a curiosity above the others, Brasov. Meanwhile to rest from the flights, from the car, from the dream and ... from these "big heads" shots that will make us sleep 2 days (according to the owner)

NOROC! for all

Isaac and Paula, from Bran (Romania)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: € 37.10 and LEI 443.10 (approx € 105.25)