30 Tips for traveling to Paris important (P6)


With your trip to Paris practically thought and organized almost to the last detail, we would miss one more thing like icing on the cake that you should keep in mind or at least read carefully so that you can "quietly" close your planning. This is the already traditional list of 30 tips for traveling to Paris important to knowWe have compiled from forums, blogs and many of our readers who have written to us to contribute your grain of sand. So ... Let's get started! (UPDATED PHOTOS AFTER TRIP)

In this article we talk about 30 but we are sure that we could make a list much longer than We will expand with the articles of accommodation, gastronomy and other practical data. And, of course, if you can think of a few more, we can increase the list so the comments remain open to proposals for advice for Paris.

ALL ORGANIZED PARIS PREPARATIONS:As in all our trips, as we plan ours we publish it in case it helps you. Here are all the arrangements for traveling to Paris organized:

"1. 101 things to do in Paris (beyond the guides) (P1)"with everything to do, experiences and others that do not appear in the guides (and the essential ones)
"2. Map of Paris with detailed plans for your trip (P2)", to place all the previous attractions and even be able to print them
"3. The 11 best excursions in Paris (and more reserved) (P3)", to optimize the time depending on your stay
"4i. Eiffel Tower Tickets NO TAILS! (P4i) ", which you can buy online and tricks to avoid queues
"4ii. Louvre Museum Tickets NO COLAS! (P4ii)", the same but the most famous museum (and info of the Paris Pass)
"5. Routes through Paris, design your itinerary (P5)"Have you decided all the above? It's time to organize it and get our final itinerary
"6. 30 tips for traveling to Paris important (P6)", reviewing some important recommendations and others that you should know


Remember that this article is part of a list of 6 preparations so you can make the trip to Paris on your own, and we believe that with them you can plan it without problem.

30 Tips for traveling to Paris important to know

Useful tips for traveling to Paris before your trip

1 It is tradition that our first advice is this: make a check list so that you do not miss anything like checking the schedules of the purchased flights, contracted insurance, chosen accommodation and, above all, DNI not expired (you are in France, you do not need a passport, although we always carry it -in case we lost the other-)

2 Another tip that may seem obvious is that ofMinimize your trip.We recommend that you take advantage of our 101 things to do in Paris (beyond the guides) where we offer you a long list of ideas to do on your trip. In this way you will save a lot of time and you will not be lost without knowing where to "throw" or what to do. Choose from the list what is most similar to your way of travel or those things you want to know or experience.

3 Make a small sketch of your ideas, Design your itinerary so as not to leave anything important in the inkwell, even if you reserve time to get lost in the Parisian streets, in this way you have "controlled" the essentials for you.

4 Check our proposal of the 11 best excursions in Paris (and more reserved) to add tickets or excursions that complete your trip in Paris and add you different experiences, of those who never forget.

5 We always try to travel to important cities like Paris: get up early For us it is fundamental See the main attractions without too much crowding of people and believe us if we tell you that it is one of the best advice we can give you, since, this way it looks all different.

6 The best thing you can put in your suitcase is a Comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you for knowing everything Paris offers you. As you will see in the Paris Maps article with detailed plans, Paris has much to discover and know and, most of the city, is discovered walking.

7 Each city has its history and that of Paris is of course more than interesting, so it would not be more than laws about any of its "jewels" to make the visit even more enjoyable and, incidentally, learn some french expressions Surely it was not too much, especially the different types of coffee.

8 Book your ticket for the Moulin Rouge show in Paris. We went and in this article we tell you all the information related to the tickets, the options of booking dinner, alternative ideas and how our experience was. We also had dinner at the Eiffel Tower and a dinner cruise on the Seine. There are a thousand options to enjoy the Parisian night.

9 Although in Paris you will have the same schedule as in Spain it will not be during lunch and dinner hours so keep that in mind to better schedule your itinerary. In Paris the restaurants usually offer the meals from 12 to 15h and, the dinners are from 19:30 to 23h.Even so, do not forget that Paris is a very tourist city that, most likely, has options that extend its cooking or opening hours much more.

10 Tourists? What do you want us to say! We like to know both those secret corners that are still more unknown and the most striking "tourist". If you want to try something in between, you can book for have dinner at the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge show on the same night, since there is that option, and although we did it separately you can see that they are very special and unforgettable night options.

Useful tips for traveling to Paris during your experience

11 The first tip of this block is undoubtedly that the best way to get to know a city, especially one like Paris, is "kicking it" not to miss those "magical and secret" corners that you would not otherwise know. If you discover any new, tell us!

12 Despite the previous advice to go to the Eiffel Tower it is best to go and return by public transport If you are in the historic area (Le Marais, Latin Quarter ...). It may seem that it is close but in reality it is quite far. What you do not miss the visit at dusk. And at night? If you are tired you can opt for a Uber They work very well and you will not get more than 10 euros.

13 Sign up to discover another different view of Paris, climb to the Arc de Triomphe, that many people do not know what can be done.

14 Take into account schedules of the monuments you want to see, for example in Notre Dame on Sundays Mass is celebrated (UPDATE: Unfortunately since April 2019 that it suffered a serious fire will remain closed until, as soon as, 2025) and the Galeries Lafayette opens from 11 to 19 h Sundays but the Printemps are closed.

15 In the best known neighborhoods we can find "that something different" to the typical thing that you would see there as in Montmartre in the Courtyard of the Jews, an original and singular place where many films have been shot or in the place des Abbesses the wall of the Je t'aime. Review our list of things to do in Paris (beyond the guides) that there are dozens of them.

16 Another recommendation is that we don't stop at lunchtime, we do it on the fly with something fast and in this way we take advantage of the most valuable time when you are traveling. When the day ends, already at dinner, if that is when we sit quietly to regain strength for the next day (this on this trip we are NOT going to apply so much because ... Paula is pregnant with Oli!)

17 In the Kiosque Théâtre Madeleine (in front of the Place de la Madeleine) you can Acquire tickets for ballet, opera, music and theater with discount the same day of the shows.

18 You can also get hold of Le Periscope and Officiel de Paris (for less than € 1) to know the concerts that will be in Paris.

19 If you don't want to spend days to see the Louvre or waste time circling like "a chicken without a head", you can buy the ticket for specific areas and go directly to them. You can discover the tricks to avoid the queues in our article "Tickets of the Louvre Museum WITHOUT TAILS!"

20 More than an advice can be an experience in itself: we are in a city where your kitchen is one of the most important in the world So our recommendation is that you set aside international food and try Parisian. Foie gras, escargots, croque-monsieur and fromage are some of their typical dishes.

21 If you especially like desserts, you can let yourself be sweetened in the Chocolate Museum: Choco Story (28, Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle) that reveals the secrets of 4000 years of history of this delicacy

22 You're in Paris, the fashion capital, so if your intention is to spend a day shopping, you have a choice: department stores like Galeries Lafayette, the most important in Paris and an attraction in itself, the Latin Quarter for more affordable shopping. If you prefer luxury options you have the Champs Elysees, the Rue Royale or the Avenue Montaigne.

23 In front of Notre Dame are the floating kiosks where, if you travel in the cooler season, you can have a hot chocolate or a hot red wine with cinnamon "vin chaud", very typical of Paris.

24 To visit the Sacre Coeur It is best to go and return by subway and get on funicular, another experience not to get lost. This communicates the lower part of Montmartre with its most "famous" part.

25 The neighborhood of The Marais is best to "wander it". In general this is valid with everyone but this district is known as the "Parisian crooked" and has one of the most original shops in Paris and one of the most beautiful squares, the Place de Vosges.

26 To the Eiffel Tower you have to climb day and night, Yes or yes, it is one of the great essentials. By day it is spectacular for its views and at night for its lighting and its atmosphere.

27 If you have international student card ... BRING IT!, you can have access to many discounts that can lower, even a little, your budget.

28 In your backpack don't forget to put extra batteries of your camera, you will need them, Paris is an inexhaustible source of snapshots.

Tips for traveling to Paris after your return

29 Aim as soon as you arrive, before even unpacking, places you have left without seeing or visiting, so for the next time you will start with them ... because you will come back AND YOU KNOW! Of course, leave with more time next time

30 The last one is a piece of advice that we always give you: on the first day make a good backup of all photos and videos That you bring. You can return to Paris but your trip and memories will not be the same as the one you just enjoyed and you will like to see tomorrow.

The best advice for traveling to Paris: enjoy!

After all that you have read to plan your trip and all the preparations that you surely made, the The best advice we can give you is to ENJOY. If you can fulfill what you carry in your head (or in your notebook) better, but if you can't ... don't get overwhelmed. Getting lost from time to time is also fine because in this way you will surely discover some "Parisian secret" and then you can tell us, hehe. In addition, they are always the best anecdotes. This guide aims to help you make your trip better but without losing the perspective of why we travel.

Did you serve this list of 30 tips for traveling to Paris importantto consider and be able to conclude your preparations? If you can think of any more, leave it in the comments and we include it. With this article we conclude the preparations for trip to Paris and we begin with our personal experience so that you continue reading (and surely you discover more interesting things)

Isaac and Paula, preparing Paris again