21 essentials to see, do (and eat) in Las Palmas


It is very possible that when we all think of Gran Canaria, the first thing that comes to mind is the sun and the beaches of this beautiful island. However, there is much beyond relaxation tourism and its capital, Las Palmas, has shown us. After our recent trip through this beautiful territory of the Canary Islands we bring you what we consider as the Must see, do (or even eat) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and it will surprise you because you would not imagine that this pleasant city can offer the traveler. In this story we tell you 21 experiences you should keep in mind If you include spending a few days in this city or even using it as a base, a perfect idea.

In previous articles we already talked about the multiple Las Palmas attractions, its monuments, its neighborhoods with history, the large number of activities you can do and its great treasure: the Playa de las Canteras and its promenade, center of life of the city. And all this we want to complete so you don't miss anything and enjoy 100% of your trip.

21 essentials to see, do (and eat) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

1 Book a special evening at Fuji, the first Japanese restaurant in Spain

Did you think we would start with the topicazos? No! The first proposal we make, provided you are a lover of this type of food (although below you will have more options of the rich and varied local offer) is that you do not miss the opportunity to book at the first Japanese restaurant that opened in Spain back in 1967, when this variety of cuisine was not yet known in our country.

We are absolute fans of Japanese cuisine although in the end we could not visit the site and enjoy the variety that they offer but, of course, it is noted for a future trip. Of course, we did not want to miss the opportunity to list you so you do not miss the opportunity to eat or dine at this pioneer restaurant in Spain, the Fuji Japanese restaurant.

2 Let yourself be amazed by a beautiful sunset from La Puntilla

If the sunsets are already special in many places in the world, one of the most incredible you can enjoy in this city, and more concisely in the part of the Las Canteras beach known as La Puntilla. From this point of view, the colors that the quarries take and the maritime facade as the sun goes down they are spectacular.

Located next to the fishing pier in the San Cristóbal neighborhood, it is one of the quietest areas to enjoy this moment. With that backdrop and the atmosphere that is lived in this part of the walk, you are guaranteed a good time of disconnection.

3 Immerse yourself in the "natural aquarium" of Playa de las Canteras

We will not get tired of talking about this "hidden" treasure in one of the most important attractions of the city of Las Palmas, Las Canteras Beach. In our article: "Playa de las Canteras, the best urban with snorkeling and kayaking", we told you in detail that we are in one of the best urban beaches in the world and the activities that can be carried out in it but, to give you an idea, the part of this beautiful sandy area protected by the natural dike known as La Barra offers you a underwater world of spectacular fauna and flora that you would never imagine that here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria you could find.

Yes, that's why for us the Playa de las Canteras is a must see on your visit to the city and also the snorkeling and kayaking that you can and must practice in it, as it will give you the possibility to see closely this incredible " natural aquarium. "

4… or enjoy its different environments as the color of the sand changes (from the tourist to the surfer)

But this Playa de las Canteras not only lives from its surroundings and marine life but also offers different rooms and environments, so to speak, so that you can spend a day of sun and sea in which it best suits your tastes or circumstances. Their almost 3 kilometers of sand give to make an imaginary division according to the people who frequent it. Thus we find the Playa Chica where families with children usually go, the Playa Grande where the services available to this beach are located and most of the hotels or the Cicer that surfers frequent in an already "established" environment for this Sport in this area.

If at the previous point we talked about its waters, in the same article we give you more information about the parts of the beach to know what to see or do in this authentic jewel of Las Palmas.

5 Stroll (and get lost) through the historic Vegueta neighborhood

But if there is an area that especially characterizes the city of Las Palmas, that is its founding neighborhood, the Barrio de Vegueta, one of its symbols and historic center. A beautiful, colonial neighborhood with a great story under the arm reminiscent of the colonial cities of America. Here you will find "treasures" such as the Cathedral of Las Palmas, the Casa de Colón, the Plaza de Santa Ana, the Canarian Museum or its Market.

It is, without a doubt, one of its essentials but if you want to know the origin of the city of Las Palmas, it is best to lose yourself in its narrow streets.

6 Re-discover America in the House of Columbus

And within the neighborhood of Vegueta we can find one of those jewels that we mentioned in the previous point. The Casa de Colón is a walk through Canarian history and its relations with America. From 1951 to the present, its activity lies in studying, investigating and disseminating it. Here you can find not only fantastic pieces such as badges, nautical charts or navigation instruments, but everything related to the expeditions of Christopher Columbus. Ahh, you will also have the opportunity to walk through one of their caravels ... literal!

More reasons? The building in which this House Museum of Columbus is located is one of the most emblematic of the city of Las Palmas, the former governor's house. Inside the library and the museum make up a peculiar space.

7 Hallucinate with the Plaza Mayor de Santa Ana and its Cathedral (and "get on the dogs")

One of the oldest traditions of the city of Las Palmas tells us that if you go through the Plaza de Santa Ana you have to get on the bronze dogs that guard it, well only if you are a small child, of course. It is located in the heart of the Vegueta neighborhood and is one of the most emblematic areas of the city, it houses the Cathedral and numerous organizations. In our article "7 irresistible plans to do in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with babies"We tell you more about this essential to see in Las Palmas.

Built at the beginning of the 16th century, Santa Ana Square is considered the first main square and an exceptional monumental complex that makes it even more interesting.

8 Taste a "tropical" juice in the Vegueta Market and / or surroundings

What if we are a little tired of touring the most interesting places in Las Palmas? Well, we passed by the Vegueta neighborhood Market and we took a delicious natural juice with tropical fruits of all kinds, which we can say is also part of the tradition. But not only to rest this market is worth but it is a traditional market where you can buy or admire all kinds of local products.

Built in 1863, it is a colorful market that takes the place of being the first market built in the Canary Islands to solve the problem of supply and communication of the islands. Although today the old and modern go hand in hand to make it one of the most important markets in Las Palmas.

9 Tour the city in Tuk Tuk and ascend to the best viewpoints

One of the funniest experiences we have done in Las Palmas and that by the way offers you a different vision of the places to see in the city, that is to visit it in Tuk Tuk. If you have the opportunity do not hesitate, for us it is a experience that you should not miss for nothing since it gives you the opportunity to access the different viewpoints (It is one of the routes they offer) and to have the best perspective to portray this beautiful city that would otherwise be more complex.

In an hour and a half (more or less) of duration, in your Tuk Tuk ofGreen Trip Canary You travel through the main attractions of the city within the itinerary options that they offer you. The combination of touring "the heights" and the most important points in trimotor is one of the best choices we have made in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

10 Deciphering "the English footprint" of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in its Garden City ...

Ciudad Jardín is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods apart from the most characteristic of Las Palmas: Vegueta and Triana. Already In the 19th century, English urban planners foresaw the potential of this neighborhood and with this they began to build some homes following their "genuine style" and among all I would highlight the Hotel Santa Catalina, a clear trace of the English irruption in the city.

Opened in 1890, this beautiful building is an architectural and cultural reference of Las Palmas. Declared artistic historical heritage, he has paraded numerous personalities giving him a refined air so characteristic of English.

11… and stay (soon) in a Colonial Palace at the Hotel Santa Catalina

And what would it be like to stay in such an emblematic building? Since its inauguration, this Santa Catalina hotel has gone through different phases, although its construction was due to the need to accommodate English adventurers who began a journey to the African continent. Thus this hotel would respond to the demands of an elegant English society.

After going through different rehabilitations to give it a little more "canary" air and being owned by the City Council, the Barceló company would have won the contest for reopen this historic building and the oldest hotel in operation in the Canary Islands but maintaining its stately essence of times gone by, the Royal Hideaway Hotel Santa Catalina. Of course we would have stayed at least one night here. And you?

12 Attend a unique local sport like the Latin Candle (or the Canary Wrestling)

From Vela Latina Canaria we are talking about a deep-rooted sport with a lot of career behind it, which characterizes the city of Las Palmas and the Canary Islands. Its history dates back to the time of the Phoenicians before the need to sail against the wind with a sail of specific characteristics different from what we know. At present they try to emulate the low-lying fishing boats until they reach the competition and, of course, fun as we tell you in "Candle Latina Canaria, unique experience in Las Palmas"

The development of this competition is a celebration in the city of Las Palmas, the days of the regattas form something similar to the rocks around the sports pier where it is celebrated, bringing food and drink, the participation of the different boats. A spectacle that, being in the area, can become another must-see stop.

13 Cross the Guiniguada ravine to unveil the modernism of the Triana neighborhood (or go shopping)

Another historical point within the city of Las Palmas is the Triana neighborhood, always a marine neighborhood. Its name is given by the colonizers who found similarities between Seville, its Triana neighborhood and the Guadalquivir river in the middle, with this area of ​​Las Palmas. Traditionally this An important Canarian neighborhood would be delimited by the famous Guiniguada ravine, a route of 22 kilometers that currently cross various hiking trails in which you can find signs of past times such as its mills, wells or old noble houses.

If you follow your path to Puerto de la Luz you will reach the reinvented neighborhood of Triana and its modernist houses, where to find streets with a lot of atmosphere and shopping streets with original stores and eco where you can spend a pleasant day shopping.

14 Getting small before the imposing Alfredo Kraus auditorium

From a distance it does not appear what it really is although it does remain the protagonist of many of the panoramic views of the city of Las Palmas. Crowning the end (or the beginning depending on how you look at it) of the promenade of Playa de las Canteras we find this beautiful and imposing music building. Auditorium and Congress Palace of the city is an almost obligatory visit if you are on a route through Las Palmas.

Its original construction, imitating a lighthouse that protected the Playa de las Canteras, has in its main room a huge window that shows you the Atlantic Ocean while you attend a concert. Headquarters of the Philharmonic of Gran Canaria, it has its own music festival that together with the celebration of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, make it a symbol of the city.

15 Tremble before the mummies of the ancient aborigines of the island in the Canary Museum

If among the museums in Las Palmas we had to choose one, that would, of course, be the Canary Museum. Located in the Vegueta neighborhood, it is one of the attractions to see in the historical center of the city and shows all the scientific and cultural research of the Prehistoric and History of the Canary Islands. But if something stands out, above the exceptional pieces that we can find inside, are its mummies (You know that we like the exoteric) that have nothing to do with what we know.

Of course, there are many other interesting museums in the capital such as La Casa de Colón (of which we have already spoken to you before), the Elder Museum of Science and Technology or the Pérez Galdós House-Museum.

16 Walk to the Martian landscape of El Confital

If there is a landscape that sets the note of distinction in the city of Las Palmas and that seems to move you to another world that is El Confital, a different panorama with its own characteristics that make this place one of the most original and pleasant to walk or Enjoy a whole day. Is about a natural setting prepared for multiple activities such as hiking, cycling, water sports (It is a perfect place to surf) or just relax on its beach surrounded by volcanic mountains and the bay.

Do you want to have the best panoramic view of Las Canteras Beach? Well, in El Confital you will also find it, with a beautiful photo of the whole bay.

17 Crush at any typical local dish somewhere in the city (for example, La Isleta)

Of course, in the list that we are preparing in this article you could not miss the Canarian cuisine, so tasty and varied that you can not avoid returning with the odd kilo. The typical Canarian dishes are numerous so you would need many days to try them all but in your escape to this beautiful city of Las Palmas do not forget to ask them, some will surprise you and much.

The Wrinkled potatoes, mojo, stew, cherne or old Canarian clothes are some of these dishes you can taste, for example, in one of the most authentic areas of Las Palmas: La Isleta, a fishing neighborhood, with a lot of atmosphere and where the locals stand out to try this delicious Canarian cuisine.


-  La Marinera in La Puntilla with typical dishes, seafood and fish, and with the best views of a beautiful sunset.
-   Basal Grill & Beach in the Playa Chica area where to try the prawn bao bun, the wok, salads or meats, fish and seafood on the barbecue
- O Sole Mine, a red house that does not go unnoticed with rich and affordable pasta to adjust budgets.
Lucira Gastrobarwith fusion dishes of flavors brought from Southeast Asia adapted to the local product.
- In update ...

On our trip we had the opportunity to try many of them because we believe that an important part of every trip is to taste their cuisine, they say that you get to know the place you visit better. Will it be true? Just in case we take it to "rajatabla".

18 Visit ancient castles and fortifications such as La Luz Castle or Mata Castle

Another essential that we do not miss where we go is the visit to the famous castles that could exist in the destination. We love this type of constructions of past times and the stories that enclose within its walls and, of course, Las Palmas has its own, especially the Castle of La Luz or the Casta de Mata Castle.

The latter is not really a castle although people refer to it as such but it is a construction that served to defend the wall, a symbol of the city of Las Palmas. It currently houses a museum where the history of the city and its own are told. He Castillo de la Luz is an old fortress that defended the city from pirates, today it is the headquarters of the Art and Thought Foundation of the Canarian sculptor Martín Chirino.

19 Enjoy the kiosks and terraces of Santa Catalina Park, the "gateway" of the city

Santa Catalina Park is said to be the gateway of the city given its location facing the sea and in the middle of it and the Las Canteras Beach. It's about a site with a lot of atmosphere considered as a tourist meeting point and cultural center, apart from being the main stage of the famous carnivals of Las Palmas. Santa Catalina Park also offers you the opportunity to carry out various activities such as simply resting before catching the city tour bus that also has its stop there.

A playground, emblematic buildings, the Tourist House They are some elements that you will find in this famous park but if Santa Catalina is characterized by something, it is because of its terrace environment where you can enjoy the most pleasant time.

20 Have an artisanal ice cream in one of the most famous ice cream parlors in Las Palmas

The favorite dessert of the Canaries is, how could it be otherwise with this weather, ice cream, especially in the summer. In the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canria they enjoy the privilege of being able to savor it at any time of the year and this is the fundamental reason why the sites that offer this delicious delicacy abound. We on this list are left with the Peña La Vieja Ice Cream Shop, where its artisanal ice creams They are almost considered another typical Canarian dish.

From the history of ice cream just tell you that it seems that it was the Chinese (how weird, right?) Who invented it by mixing snow from the mountains with honey and fruits.

21 Try to be "botanists" in Doramas Park.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is characterized by many things and one of them is the large number of parks that the city has. In one of the previous points we talked about the Santa Catalina Park, one of the most important in the city, but we can also mention that of San Telmo, ideal for children because of its large play area and pirate ship. Any more to highlight? Yes, Doramas Park.

In this park we can play to be botanists and discover the amount of species that live in it. It allows us to let the imagination fly to those forests that covered the island before its development.

MORE THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA:Haven't you got these 21 things we could check ourselves? Here we leave you a small list of those we could not do but they are highly recommended ...

- Visit the Viera y Clavijo Botanical Garden: Dedicated mainly to the endemic species of the 7 islands.
- He Bufadero de la Garita: Spectacular geological formation.
- The Bandama boiler: Large volcanic caldera.
- He Pérez Galdó Theaters: Main theater of Las Palmas.
- He Sea port: Better known as the Puerto de la Luz, it is a fishing, commercial and sports port.
- Let yourself be coaxed with the dance folklore and music of the islands
- Attend attend the Carnival to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

What do you think of this compilation of the main visits not only to see in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but also to do and taste? Have we left some experience that you think is essential in your passage through the capital of Gran Canaria? Tell us! Meanwhile, Oli will continue to dream of his time on the island.

Paula, Isaac and little Oli, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria