The mysteries of Stonehenge and Salisbury


It's not even 8:30 in the morning and we're already in our usual corner of the Alvedro Airport terminal in A Coruña After coming by taxi (€ 9). It is a place that already smells of travel, of escape (to anyone and now to Stonehenge and Bath getaway)

Here begins our first photos, our first nerves, our first breakfast (€ 8.55) and our first writings. It has been the starting point of other trips and it would not be less in those that are direct as in trips to London, which is not usual.

The flight leaves at 9'55 and hardly lasts a little more than 1 hour and a half. We do not forget to change the time, so we are landing in Heathrow around 10.35.

Paula sleeps almost the entire trip. It has been a little moving route, which we have also taken advantage of to get a little updated on what we are going to visit

Despite having arrived in advance, the tUK entrance fees are slow and heavy. Search for the finguer, entry of some policemen for one person, passport control, walk for luggage, walk to the Central Bus Station. They give us 11:30 when we finally take the ticket that combines bus and train (GBP 31.40 each) to take us to Salisbury.

On platform 1 just in front of the station we take the BUS 701 to Woking (and a water 1.39 GBP), a journey that lasts about 45 minutes.

!! Hungry! We started having the first stomach calls, so we took advantage of the 20 minutes we have on platform 4 of the train station to eat those tasty sandwiches that Isaac's mom has prepared for us. Delicious! We also combine them with a fruit that we have bought here (1.65 GBP). Train to Salisbury, another 50 minutes.

We arrived in Salisbury around 1:40 pm. First problem of the trip. Where do we leave our bags? In the train stations, at least in the vast majority there have been no "luggage storage" for a long time due to the IRA attacks (or at least those tell us). A few meters from the station there is a pub called cat tavern, where for 2 GBP they keep them all day. Here the dumbest makes watches ... Of course, the Pub is worthy of any Tarantino movie, with its cutroso armchair and "Open at dawn" characters. Better not to think about it ...

We return to the station. At this time of the year they leave buses to Stonehenge every hour (in summer every 30 minutes). "!! Wait for us !! !! Wait for us !!" "for 3 seconds" The reviewer tells us. "Student card?", Only Paula sneaks in (GBP 15 and GBP18)… We are on a tourist bus that is the best way to get to the famous stones and how fast it gets there. What do we see in the distance ...?

Stonenhenge It is still today one of the monuments in the world with more mysteries that exist. There are many years that we have been waiting for this moment and for some reasons or others we have never been able to approach, and many times we have thought about how our encounter with these stones would be.

At first glance, one wondered how they could bring similar moles of stones of almost 50 t to build a structure that seems taken from any Inca construction we saw in the trip to Peru 2010, especially the ones we saw near Cuzco on DAY 13 of travel, in the fortress of Sacsayhuamán or in Quenko, but that obviously has little to do. And more and when his uprising was initially established more than three thousand years before Christ, at the end of the Neolithic period, and with those means. Studies also say that many rocks were brought from 200 and 250 km, which seems to us a true barbarity.

But, What are we watching There are theories, the most widespread, that talk about Stonehenge is an observatory due to the precise location of the megaliths and their relationship with the lunar eclipses as well as solstices and equinoxes. Again we are amazed again, because in cultures such as the Inca mentioned above or the Maya that we enjoy in our trip to Rivera Maya 1996, impressive symbols like the Kukulkan Pyramid he DAY 3 travel, who "played" with astronomy as the main value. And we talk about civilizations that, by no means, came into contact with each other in time and space.

But if the "how it was done" and the "what was done" give a lot of play, the multitude of legends and mysteries that enclose the place come from the Who picked it up? From theories of a race of giants called hyperboreans that are said to have existed in the early stages of history, until they were the Celtic druids, through space ports for UFOs, the Merlin magician or some more crazy. Something that does not fail (or so it seems) is the test of Carbon 14, and this is the construction of the year 1800 BC, so we discard the Druids and the magician Merlin (ohhhhhhhh) ...

In any case, and although it causes astonishment the location between two roads in which a monument considered among the main wonders of the world and a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and knowing all these ins and outs, to contemplate this concentric form of stones raised in the form of horseshoe species with lintels among some of them (it is intuited that formerly it was continuous) impresses.

A pity is not being able to access the site (it seems that they only allow it during the summer and winter solstices) so we cannot do anything but go around and around, thinking for us that much remains to be investigated in one of the milestones that any traveler should point in their "visits". More STONEHENGE INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE.

Already back, and with a coffee and hot tea on top (3.20 GBP), we set aside Old Sarum, a settlement on a hill that contains evidence of human presence around 3000 B.C. and mentioned in many old books. We decided to move on because we have a long way to go, but there is an option to get off to contemplate.

!! We are in Salisbury !! The big surprise of the day. This little town has completely filled us, which a priori we did not expect anything beyond its spectacular cathedral. Our route has been something similar to the following ...

Except for our arrival in Heathrow, not only has it not rained again, but it has opened a beautiful afternoon to allow us to visit the city. We cross the river and we leave the sides beautiful british houses. We drool ...

But we fall more when we begin to visualize one of the most spectacular Cathedrals we have seen in a long time, the Salisbury Cathedral, one of the most beautiful medieval English, whose construction dates from 1220.

Its Gothic-style facade, its large enclosure, its 142 meters long, its 123 meters high (the highest in the whole country) and its oldest working mechanical clock in the world, are some of the data that no one Must ignore when visiting.

It is not yet 17.30, closing time, so we decided to go inside to see it. !! IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING !! It also houses the 4 original copies of the "Magna Load" (1215), text promulgated during the reign of John "without land", in addition to the oldest complete choir stalls in the United Kingdom (dated 1386)

But we could continue giving data and data (and be boring) when all we have to say before such a building is ... !! ESSENTIAL ONCE IN LIFE!

We continue on the route through Salisbury without being able to ignore those red telephone booths icon throughout the country that we like so much, while still making some compitas (right Paula? 20.94 GBP), stamps and postcards (3.40 GBP) or while enjoying those alleyways with that charm that you only breathe in the British Isles

We continue on the Market place, the main square of the city, the emblematic "Poultry Cross", a monument that marks the place where the traditional market is already celebrated since the 15th century and… !! the pub Haunch of venison!! (behind the previous one)

Here we stop. What is haunch of venison? It is the oldest pub in all of Salisbury, dated from 1320, which currently serves on its first restaurant floor.

We enter making the clueless and climb up to it. No meals are served right now. We see a pub as old as it is said, with large oak beams and old wooden doors and objects tilted on all sides. The bar below is !! crab !! and the locals, who look at us strangely, even more picturesque. There is talk in addition to the lLegend of a ghost, famous card player, to which they cut off their hand and still exposed there. Dismal!!

We are !! COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE !! (8.50 GBP) What better for the cold. So we leave so gloomy local and get into the Starbucks in front to make our snack, haha

It starts to get late and we still have a train to catch, so we head back to Salisbury station. If it was beautiful during the day, more beautiful with the lights on and dusk

Undoubtedly, this town, which possibly not beyond that for an afternoon, has been one of those great discoveries that one does not expect in his travels and that on the top houses a few kilometers a recognized wonder. !! We have to go back !!

A beautiful full moon accompanies us. We collect the bags (which in the Cat Cavern followed, incredible). It's time to wait for next train that will leave us at Bath Spa (29.80 GPB both), the station of our target city of the getaway.

The journey lasts 1 hour for just 54 km in a small train with two cars. Here we make good crumbs with an Englishwoman who speaks perfect Spanish, because her mother is from Madrid but she has been living in Bath for 20 years. He tells us that we are going to love it ...

... but today is not going to be the day. We are tired of the walk and we take a taxi to the accommodation, the St. Christoher's Inn Bath (ALL THE ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION HERE), a hostel on top of a NOISE PUB (which we will talk about tomorrow) from which we are writing these lines while we wait for our fellow travelers.

Today we heard about sad news. Rebecca, for a medical issue, will not be able to come. We had been great with both her and Sele, and although we will see this one, we will send you from here a FORTIIIIIIIIISIMO HUG and recover quickly.

!!!! Seleeeeeeeeee !! !! Maka !!!!!!!!! !! Victor !!!!!!!!! !!! Aliiiiiiiiiiiiii !! !! Evaaaaaaaa !! Either you come or we will end up buzzing your head with this music ... this ... noise. !! Marching another pint!

It gives us that between music, pints and dinner (GBP 18.50) ... today we will not last too long. But comes the earthquakes travelers ... Tomorrow we tell you more. Family, friends and readers ... !! WE'RE GREAT !!

Isaac and Paula, from Bath (United Kingdom)

EXPENSES OF THE DAY: 17.55 EUROS and 187.18 GBP (approximately 228.36 EUR) GIFTS: 20.94 GBP (approx 25.55 EUR)