Ibis Styles A Coruña, reinvention of friendly tourism (Planet21)


We are sensitized but we have not just taken the step. Along with other struggles in the medical field (cancer, chronic diseases, ...), it is the great scourge that persecutes this generation and the future ... although it seems that, finally, "something is changing" in the awareness of people as we told you in the article . The culture of environmental and social sustainability has reached the tourism sector and there are already many companies, agencies or chains that put their grain of sand. These days we had the opportunity to visit the Ibis Styles of A Coruña of the Accor Hotels chain, pioneers in programs such as Earth Guest Research and to make its environmental footprint available to everyone in a transparent way and subsequently his current Planet 21 sustainable development program that we wanted to know more about.

Accor has decided to lead this, it could be said, friendly tourism reinvention since the decisions we make today will have an impact on our children tomorrow but ... Is the bet such?

Small details in everyday life, big changes on the planet

To you who read this, we are going to do a little test. Sustainable tourism? Another marketing term to "sell you something"? Endurable growth, resource management, environmental protection, blablalba ... Come on! Let's talk with understandable terms for everything ...With how many of the following behaviors do you feel identified??

- Compulsive buying: That product in Amazón on offer even if you don't need it, that box of pens even if you know that you have lost tens of drawers at home, ...
- Throw in the towels on the floor in a hotel to have them changed although they would perfectly be worth it again. Total, you paid for it, right?
- Give money or objects to children from less developed countries to those who travel ... or contribute to sexual exploitation.
- Have several house lights on without needing or shower water running too much unnecessary time.
- Take the car to go to a certain place where, besides finishing taking longer between parking or going around, you would have quick access by public transport or by bicycle. Already, you like to drive And me!
- Shave with the tap open, wasting a lot of water. Ah, that you live in Galicia where it rains a lot ...
- Get off the established routes on a safari. If you don't see the leopard you just hunted ...

What do you wear so sure that they sound more to you and make you think? Some of them we do (or rather we did) we, not a criticism of anyone in particular. The sensitivity of people is changing for many things, especially personal situation, age or increasing awareness ... SOURCE PHOTOS of Shutterstock, image bank to which we subscribe

In our personal case, Paula has "vetoed" me certain shopping centers to make the weekly purchase. I will not say names, surely you identify them quickly, but their awareness (Paula's) is several levels ahead of mine. It was not normal that, even though we carried all our cloth bags and necessary means to return without plastic, we arrived loaded with tons. If they were not the bananas prepared to take away, they were the fish bag and the bottle of fresh milk. It's over! Surely that great supermarket does not miss us but, little by little, every day we will be more and, if you have not wanted to put your part in a problem that our children will have, we will be the users themselves who end up expelling it. Do not you think?

Visit the Ibis Styles of A Coruña to know Planet 21, the Accor Hotels proposal

"Each hotel is a planet in itself"It was possibly that phrase that was recorded when I explained the Accor Hotels proposal and its trajectory as a pioneer in the sector in the development of sustainable development programs. Will the Ibis Styles of A Coruña also be? In the end it is 5 minutes from where I live, why not go meet him?

Ibis Styles de A Coruña, an innovative design hotel

Go ahead than the Ibis Styles of A Coruña it is not a hotel that we would have chosen to stay in our city if we came from outside. We like to be honest and this is because its location far from the area of ​​the historic center or La Marina would have taken us, A PRIORI, to more central hotels, so the first question was inevitable and the answer a surprise. The high occupancy of the hotel at all times and the great opinion in the opinion networks indicated that "something else" hid. What are your keys?

The first thing that attracts attention as you enter through its doors of the Ibis Styles of A Coruña is that feeling of New air of a completely renovated hotel and that it has modern and innovative rooms (more than 80 with concepts such as Sweet bed by ibis bed, Smart TV or the usual Wi-Fi but free) and with facilities designed for all types of guests, from which it comes for business with its meeting rooms or business center to families with their kids corner, without neglecting their parking, restaurant or lounge bar.

All that is very good, right? But ... it is still located in the business park of A Grela-Bens. How is it possible that he has such a good reputation? The fundamental key is that in addition to having numerous offers, such a welcoming atmosphere, is that it is very well connected with both the center and the outer beaches to be in a way out of the city. A older, is next to the largest commercial and leisure complex in Galicia and Spain, and third in Europe, the Marineda City and the Estrella Galicia factory with its newly opened first and only museum in Spain dedicated to beer called MEGA (World Estrella Galicia ). To all this I would add an extra, La Granera Styles. which has become a reference both for having a coffee or drink at any time of day and for its restaurant with healthy cuisine and market.

Ok, first part out ... I'm convinced! Let's go one step further, is the Accor Hotels Planet 21 sustainable development program really being implemented?

Planet 21, the Accor Hotels sustainable development program applied to the Ibis Styles of A Coruña

We said in the introduction that one of the things that seduced us most about this "visit proposal" was to know that Accor is a pioneer in these fields, first to create a Department of Environment in 1994 (and Sustainable Development in 2002), in initiatives such as Earth Guest Research and their willingness to transparently facilitate their environmental footprint many years ago. That is to say, it is not a chain that has "gone up in fashion" (or "growing awareness") of the need to speak in these terms when we begin to hear such tragic concepts as in 2050 there will be more plastics than fish at sea. That Global environmental footprint in its 4,200 hotels and the commitment to reduce the carbon emissions of its buildings, the disuse of plastic straws or replaced in exceptional cases by some stainless steel or bamboo or the reduction of 30% of the food waste are some of the main actions that have long been pursued worldwide.

What could we know more about the Planet 21 program?Each hotel is a planet in itself"says his motto and, indeed, I checked it from the moment that I was provided in a "transparent way" the program card divided into several concepts:

- People: Reuse of towels and sheets, cleaning products that respect the environment (even in this case encouraging a bio even if it involves a small extra cost to the income statement), several actions that include the employees themselves both sensitization and integration social (provide accommodation, travel) ...
- Guests: To the more "marketinianas" straws are added actions such as not serving endangered fish species, offering alternatives to water bottles, using ecological soil and paint or using magnetic cards, among others ...
- Community: Energy saving lamps, donation of hotel or food products that are not consumed, establishing links with economy of proximity, etc ...
- Food and Drink: Waste classification, offer hives honey or implant 3/4 parts of seasonal fruits and vegetables on the menu,…

In addition, there were specific actions related to Collaborators and own Building.Of course, there is still a way to go as specified in its own control sheet but the Ibis Styles of A Coruña is already Gold level within the chain according to the internal score itself. Moreover, in an objective way I see almost impossible to be able to attend all the points with reasonable means that also allow maintaining such important economic margins in the sustainability of the business in the times that are running. However, OLE! Both for the internal commitments implemented and the most sound campaigns of the chain consisting of tree planting initiatives with the money saved by not washing towels (7 million trees in 28 countries! and nationwide, 12,000 copies in Toledo and Valencia) or the creation of urban gardens where there is space (43 already in Spain and more than 470 throughout Europe), to give examples.

Final reflection on friendly tourism

I began this article by saying that "something" is changing in people's awareness and I was glad to see that, indeed, there is a lot behind those sustainability development programs that we hear more and more about. Accor Hotels is one of its pioneers and leaders that the rest are beginning to follow although we already used them a lot in our trips, right Paula?

Fairmont, Pullman, Novotel, Ibis, Ibis Styles and Ibis Budget, sign up for those brands, and we hope that this visit to the Ibis Styles of A Coruña has served you as well as us.