Best compulsory medical insurance to travel to Cuba (2019)


Are you thinking of Cuba as a possible next destination? Have you already read all the advice and suggestions of other travelers for your preparations ?. If so, you will know that from May 1, 2010 a mandatory medical insurance to travel to Cuba. And to the question of the emails that have come to us these days "What is the best travel insurance to Cuba? " And that of IATI that you recommend for travelers with 5% discount also serves Cuba? The answer is yes!! As we always say, Japan, the United States, Thailand or Cuba are countries where Having the best coverages and medical assistance are almost mandatory (in the case of Cuba literally mandatory) if you don't want to take a dislike.

We have always said that the trip to Cuba touring the west of the country by car and sleeping in private homes of the Cubans themselves was one of the most authentic we have made, and with the most wonderful people, but in any plan you go (Havana, Varadero, Cayo Largo, Santiago, ...) you will love this country.

Anecdotes like that 2 meter cuban we picked up in the middle of the road, the Trinidad nightsor the enchantment of Old Havana they are reasons more than enough to hit the last push to any traveler still undecided.

But don't forget that Cuba is a different country, a country in its own bubble, and thatneither the European Health Card nor the Social Security will give us coverage, and that the obligation of private insurance issued by an insurance company recognized in Cuba is a requirement not only recommended, but essential to have a good experience.

How much does compulsory medical insurance cost me to travel to Cuba?

In our trip to Cuba in 2008,still without this requirement, we had already used a travel insurance for 13 days of € 39 per person that we complemented with the cancellation option for € 18 more with Ibercuba itself. That is, a total of about € 57 / person.

Today, reviewing the options of COLUMBUS DIRECT, INTERMUNDIAL, EUROPE ASISTANCE, IATI SEGUROS and some more, that same option is between 55 and 120 € / person between the cheapest and the most expensive.

Whatmandatory medical insurance to travel to Cuba would we hire? In addition to the usual clauses, we always like to take one that covers the costs of cancellation (in case there is any unforeseen last minute) and medical coverage from 30,000 euros. Then, the amount for those 15 days would be between 60 (without cancellation) and 80 euros (with cancellation),that as we commented in the article of general travel insurance, it is a small amount with respect to what can happen to us even if it was not mandatory as in Cuba.

With whom to hire the best mandatory medical insurance to travel to Cuba?

After discarding in our last trips to Columbus Direct, Europe Assistance and Intermundial Seguros, the latter with an ominous experience in addition to a really unpleasant attention and without trying Mafre, Axa, Eroski, Fiatc and some other, only read different opinions in forums, it is the one of IATI SEGUROS the one that we use in all our last trips and we are delighted with them starting with the customer service (but obviously we would not offer 5% discount on our website without advertising that also allows us to do ours, nor you doubt). So, we would recommend hire the best mandatory medical insurance to travel to Cuba with them and even benefit from the 5% discount we have. But how much would come out without him?

5 days9 days12 days15 days18 days22 days
Basic IATI22,84 €31,38 €47,43 €47,43 €53,25 €70,62 €
IATI Standart + Cancellation30,63 €39,74 €53,72 €58,23 €68,83 €73,39 €
IATI Star42,57 €53,23 €70,23 €75,56 €88,83 €94,16 €
IATI Star + Cancellation44,83 €56,10 €73,75 €79,38 €93,45 €99,09 €

As on other occasions, watch out for the clauses that apply to you since it is not always important to look only at the amount. Columbus, for example, applies franchises of "€ 75, € 250 and € 150 for claims for cancellation and luggage, personal liability and medical expenses, respectively".

ABOUT THE CANCELLATION OF CANCELLATION:All insurance on the market that has the possibility of cancellation subject it to buy the insurance with a margin of days with respect to the purchase of your flight or vacation package. It is usually 24-48 h. In the case of IATI For the cancellation coverage to be effective you have to complete the purchase of your insurance on the same day or 7 days after the purchase of your flight or vacation package.

We remind you of the reasons that convinced us to do so with IATI:
- Amount of the most affordable, although it is not the most important
- Hiring ONLINE simple and intuitive. Do not forget that we have 5% discount for our readers

- Medical coverage greater than other insurance and without excess
- Wide coverage not only for medical expenses, but for luggage, civil liability and others


It is our basic and mandatory premise: we always travel with insurance. Because you never know what can happen to you and the security and tranquility that gives you to know that there is insurance that supports the unforeseen events of a trip, it is not paid in any way. That is why we are very happy to announce the most recent updates he has made in his insurance policies, do we tell you?

-What we consider most important and interesting: INCREASE IN COVERAGE OF MEDICAL EXPENSES. An aspect that we consider essential in travel insurance. In IATI the coverage of medical assistance has increased in all packs, which seems to us a great improvement and that makes the different insurances even more attractive.
-In addition, in order to make your insurance affordable for everyone, They have lowered the price of the Basic IATI by 10%. Now the price will no longer be an excuse for not taking out IATI insurance.
-Do you like adventure but don't want to take risks? Now IATI covers trekking at 5,200 meters that, in case you can't imagine it, in case you feel like including one more adventure plan without giving up the peace of mind of the insurance. Do you dare with an interesting trekking route?

You can check more information about these updates on the IATI Seguros website - !!You'll never have to put money and then claim it !! IATI puts it for you
- In Cuba it is probably not that important, but you always They attend in Spanish and collect 24 hours a day

What type of coverage for compulsory medical insurance to travel to Cuba choose?

Do not rate travel insurance! Since Cuba also demands it, we would always recommend at least covering € 40,000 in medical coverage. The rest is much more personal, although being already a long-distance route and the flight make the destination more expensive, the cancellation bonus would not save us. You never know if an election day in which you have to be president, a serious illness of a family member or a job dismissal can ruin your idea of ​​traveling, and lose money on top

Summary of coverage according to type of insuranceStandardStandard + CancellationStarStar + Cancellation
Foreign medical assistance40.000 €40.000 €100.000 €100.000 €
Annulment expenses-1.500 €-2.000 €
Private Civil Liability60.000 €60.000 €60.000 €60.000 €
Theft and damage to luggage1.000 €1.000 €1.500 €1.500 €
Defense criminal responsibility abroad3.000 €3.000 €3.000 €3.000 €
Disability Accident Guarantee6.000 €6.000 €12.000 €12.000 €
Accident guarantee for death in public transport6.000 €6.000 €12.000 €12.000 €
Repatriation and transport, sick / deceased100 %100%100%100%
Displacement of a relative100 %100%100%100%
Expenses abroad stay750 €750 €1.000 €1.000 €
Early return for hospitalization or family death100 %100%100%100%
Shipment of non-existing medicines abroad100 %100%100%100%
Baggage search and location100 %100%100%100%
Advance of funds1.000 €1.000 €1.500 €1.500 €
Sending lost or stolen items60€60 €120 €120 €

Does it cover all your needs? Are you missing any coverage or clarification? Tell us! (We leave you a quick explanation on video in 1 minute)

Ah, you have an option called Premium (with more coverage) andIATI FAMILY in case you travel with minors which can also be interesting (since 2018 we will start using it with Olivia)

5% DISCOUNT if you hire your travel insurance to Cuba

This we could not say before, and less when we went toCuba for the first time, but now all our readers more "Keys" can benefit from a5% discount if you book insurance here (the prices are applied directly and will appear with -5% in the corresponding step) thanks to the collaboration agreement we have with them (as long as everything continues to go well, but! tell us huh!):

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And for those who have already decided to travel to the country of the Revolution, if you want more inspiration, do not hesitate to read our travel diary to Cuba or inspire you in another way of knowing him through his Cuban private homes.