Balmoral House Hotel in London


After enjoying a few days forLondon in 2007 (and return in 2011 after our passage throughStonehenge, Bristol and Bath), we bring you our opinion of the Balmoral House Hotel, an accommodation located very close to the Paddington Stationand to which we arrived thanks to the recommendation of an old friend, Ruth Moran, which may soon appear on this website, and on the recommendations of forum about the English capital).UPDATED 2015

We went around the topic many times looking for the cheapest or most economical option but in the end we opted for a double room with private bathroom and we could not afford neither the more expensive low-quality hotels in London or the precarious shelters that did not provide us with Minimum services we wanted.

Balmoral House Hotel, a few meters from Paddington Station

We are not facing aLocation very well connected, less than 5 minutes walk from Paddington Station that allows us to take the Heathrow Express (15min) or the Heathrow Connect (30min) to transfer us to the Airport and not waste time in transfers. It is attached to Hyde Park and It has 2 metro stations very close, Paddington and Lancaster, to go to the nerve center in less than 10 minutes.

Their prices They are varied and depends on the season. For reference, the double room with bathroom and breakfast came to us by 75 pounds the night (2011 - He has gained 85 pounds | 2015 - Between 75 and 115 pounds depending on time). Paying with a visa they charge you 5% more as commission (already in 2015, on it has a fixed price without extra commissions)

Has double, triple, multiple rooms, with bathroom in the room or with shared bathroom, on both sides of the street where it is in houses in the purest English style.

On cleaning, in the London forum they say the following "the room is typical English, with carpeting, flower curtains and others, but very clean, like the bathroom and towels and they do have the typical gel, shampoo, etc. In the room you have a jug to heat water and envelopes of tea, coffee, cookies, etc. "

Also, if someone thinks it's going to be cold in him, forget it. The heating It works all night.
Another important thing in London, a strong breakfast which includes eggs, mushrooms, bacon, toast, sweet rolls, juice, cereals, etc ...

Also note that the owner is called Aury and is of Galician origin, so the language will not be an obstacle there. Moreover, they say that it is a quiet area and the atmosphere that is lived in the hotel is very endearing.

Guided tour of the Balmoral House Hotel, our opinion.

The hotelBalmoral House Hotel has tickets on both sides of the street, on 156 and 157. (UPDATE 2011: In 2007 we were on the side of 157 and in 2011 by that of the main entrance). We enter through the door ...

If we raise the stairs, we see that there are 3 rooms on each floor, except on the ground floor that there are some more ...

The last rooms (where we stayed) are on the fourth floor (UPDATE 2011: We got the second one). Come in with us.

The room It follows the same decoration as the rest of the rooms, it has 2 chairs, wardrobe, 1 table, bedside table, 2 beds (in our case), bathroom, gels, shampoos, soap, coffee maker, sugar, teas, bible, clean sheets, central heating ...

He bathroom It is perhaps the worst of the room, because it is very small, like that of the cabin of an airplane. In any case it fulfills its function. The water comes out hot (very hot) at first, the toilet runs smoothly and the sink has 2 faucets from both waters

UPDATE 2011: The one that touched us in 2011 was much wider than the previous one, when the pool was found outside it.

The seen at night from the area of ​​157, it is from a crossroads that goes to Paddigton Street, trees with fallen leaves in the fall and a typical place taken from a London street postcard.

The bed It has up to 2 bedspreads and 2 sheets. We were left over from all sides. Of course, perfectly clean and glad to get into them.

The mattress is very cozy, as much as after going from London up and down to fall asleep and sleep deeply.

Breakfast and verdict of the Balmoral House Hotel in London

And the breakfast… !! what to say about breakfast !! That everything they say in the forums are right. !!!Of everything!!! Juice, coffee, tea, milk, cereals of 5 types, jam, butter, honey, eggs, ham, mushrooms, sausages, toast and everything that may arise. It can be reached by going down the stairs if you are in the main building or by entering the reception of the 156 or even, as in the movies, going down the stairs that overlook the kitchen as if it were a basement from the street outside.

The we would recommend? We would not be very consistent if after our passage in 2007 we would repeat in 2011 and do not recommend it, therefore the answer is YESeven if you value its price according to the season you go before.Check availability and prices here for the Balmoral House Hotel in London.

It is a quiet place, well located, with good communications, more than acceptable rooms and a great breakfast. Maybe the prices are going up too much (but all London is like that), but if you doubt it is absolutely recommended in Cotters

Paula and Isaac, from London (United Kingdom)