Mikawaya Ryokan in Hakone


Finishing the adventure through the Japanese Alps on our route through Japan, we will arrive at Hakone, very close to Mt. Fuji, the great icon of Japan.

Hakone It is a mountainous place, in which several transports are used (funicular, teleferic, ...) and that is pure nature. We have special enthusiasm in the routine of this day as well as in the accommodation (where we will enjoy the afternoon). But what kind of accommodation are we looking for?

- We are halfway there and we need a "kit-kat". The economic issue will not be a problem
- We want you to have breakfast and dinner included (in the room) as well as some special option
- Japanese style room with private bathroom
- Well located for the next day to set a fast course towards Tokyo.

After looking a lot, the choice was clear as soon as we saw it, Mikawaya Ryokan

his Location It is perfect. After finishing our route through Hakone, from Hakone-Yumoto to Gora, then Lake Ashi, Hakone-Mochi and finish around 6pm by the Ryokan, to enjoy our well-deserved rest and also be able to set a fast course towards Tokyo the next day .


The room We have booked is Japanese style. There are several types, from Standard to Deluxe, of very different prices and with all kinds of facilities. Ours is the type "Hana" with "Spa on the terrace" to be able to hit the whim of the trip after ordering dinner in the room and enjoy a relaxing bath in the mountains of the Japanese country. The toilet is also on the terrace.

More things to note are that they put wine with dinner, breakfast also puts it inside the room and that has a beautiful garden that is worth going to see. Let's go inside to make a "GUIDED VISIT" of the hotel with us.
Our first encounter with the Ryokan was before starting the tourist route (which did not excite us, our attraction was really the hotel, a luxury !!). his situation It is perfect. Tucked between the mountain, in a beautiful location, and with two stops of two different bus routes (and they provide you with the schedules at the hotel).
- With one of them you can arrive from Hakoneyumoto and go to Hakonemochi, or vice versa, it also serves to come from the end of the tourist route in the port of Hakonemochi to the hotel. This stop is attached to the hotel.
- With the other, which is down the street about 300 m, you can take the Bus to Gora, the beginning of the tourist route post excellence of Hakone.

At 17:00 we were back (they recommend you come before 18:00 to enjoy everything, dinner, ...). He reception It is worth admiring. As we go up to the entrance ALL THE STAFF of the hotel awaits us and makes obeisances welcoming us and throughout the stay they are very attentive and friendly, worrying that we do not lack anything. The place where we were most comfortable and cared for.

Before leaving the shoes at the entrance and putting on some "booties", they take us to a leave, where they offer us a tea or a cold water (that is appreciated with the heat) while they prepare us the papers and the keys of the room. At Check-In nothing is paid, it is done the next day in the same room when making the Check-Out. An important thing is that they DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD, so you have to plan the "money in effective "since it is quite important.

Done the pertinent procedures accompany us to the room. This is the true attraction of Hakone

The room It is thinking to the smallest detail. Japanese style, like all of the trip, with TV, air conditioning, kettle, plugs to charge the appliances, the table that then replace the night with futons, built-in wardrobe ... and! THE TERRACE !!! It requires a separate chapter. It is subdivided in an area of ​​shower, toilet, bathroom with W.C., with the corresponding colonies, shampoos, gels, glasses, etc ... and our "particular onsen" (or whatever you wanted to call it)

Water at more than 60º low by a small trickle filling the kind of "yacuzzi" It occupies the outside. With a cold water tap you can regulate the temperature before entering. The relaxation you feel there I think you don't have to explain. And more after 9 days we have ground feet.

!!! Out of the water !!! !! Dinner is coming !! The Dinner You can order it from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. We order it at 8:00 p.m. following the most Spanish customs so as not to have a snack-dinner. It's kind KAISEKI (a kind of tasting menu of all kinds of Japanese dishes) as in Miyajima. When you think you are finishing another plate arrives. This together with a good wine ...

!!We've already finished!! We have been told to let them bring us dessert.

While we quietly take dessert on the terrace, we close the doors that divide it from the room. !!Surprise!! We already have our futons ready ...

The night has fallen, the temperature is perfect. We cannot avoid lighting our lantern on the terrace and enjoy a final farewell bath. Possibly I missed, we think so too, but no, there are no mosquitoes or weirdoes that come close to the light. Why will it be?

Changing third, the cleaning Both the Ryokan and the room is excellent. It is all in a very careful state, and the gardens are splendid. Imagine it in spring.

Of the bath We have talked little. A bathroom with all the typical chorrillos and buttons to find out. It is located in a kind of subdivision next to the toilet. We did not use the service Internet but we know that it has, as well as thermal baths for both genders on the ground floor (who wants it having it in the room?). The yukatas that you see in the photos are also at our disposal in the room.

Finally, highlight the breakfast. Here they also put it in the room. There is an option to choose Western or Japanese. At this time of the morning we are not for miso and fried fish, so we take the western one that is very good and very succulent and also brings fruit and juice.

Booking here can be done by email by contacting E. Enomoto in the mail email protected or nowadays directly on a reservation website The final price per day and for 2 people It is 60,300 yen (approximately 368 euros / night) including breakfast, and in this case also dinner (served in the room). Do you accept credit cards.Check availability and prices here for the Mikawaya Ryokan

Would we recommend it? It is an expensive Ryokan that is still a whim, but certainly Hakone itself is not worth it if it were not for a Ryokan like this, the real attraction of the place. If you can afford it, it is highly recommended here, in CHAVETAS.ES

Isaac, from Hakone (Japan)