Ciutadella de Menorca, route with the best to see (and eat)


We had long wanted to know Ciutadella de Menorca (Citadel of Menorca or simply Ciudadela), a city that mix a historical past with one of the best environments in Menorca, full of charming streets, restaurants to eat the best cuisine and an area of ​​the port that is a must. We take you from route so see in Ciutadella in detail, as always, to serve you for your trip.

On most occasions one enters through Mahón since the airport is located in the eastern part of the island or because its ferry has reached its beautiful bay. In our case, as we explain in the article, our gateway

What to see in Ciutadella de Menorca (with detailed route for your trip)

Where you are going, you will find in Menorca a corner or location more wonderful than the previous one. As regards populations, for us Ciutadella represents the most beautiful city on the island, perhaps for its preserved heritage, for its fit with that port that bewitches or for its environment at any time. Parking, if you come by car like us, it is not difficult. At the end of the port you will find one of the best and closest options of free parking (P)

It is, from this point (or if you want from the port itself) from where we will start a route through Ciutadella that, although it is not necessary because you can walk around and let yourself be tricked by losing yourself in its streets, since it is not a very large city It will help you to place yourself on your visit.

Ciutadella de Menorca was the capital of Menorca years ago and still retains great heritage as a whole that gives it a stately air.

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Do we start the ride? ! We transfer you through the mobile or computer through the beautiful Ciutadella!

The port of Ciutadella, a must in your visit

If we were to be left alone with a corner of Ciutadella, that would be its port dating back to the Middle Ages and at that time when the city was the capital of the island under the Crown of Aragon.

However, it is from the nineteenth century and especially with the expansion work of the mid-twentieth century when this magical place achieves the current configuration, initially for fishing and commercial boats but every day more recreation.

Precisely this use has brought the current atmosphere to the terraces of bars and restaurants that allow you to eat one of the multiple Menorcan specialties that are not few, do you remember that lobster stew we tried in the Es Cranc restaurant in Fornells? Here you can also do it in famous restaurants such as Des Fort, La Payesa, Tritón, Café Balear or It's forat by the sea that now allows you a menu with 3 starters, stew and dessert combined with a children's menu for € 6 to make it easy (yes, reservation required)

Nail stairs with multiple little shops They allow us to reach the top of Ciutadella with ease without having to make a big detour.

From the heights you get the best views of the port of Ciutadella, definitely. For those who like photography, it may also be the best point to get good snapshots at night

Strolling through we will quickly get to the next point of our route, the Plaza des Born

Route through a historic town that bewitches the visitor

A huge obelisk of 22 m of the S.XX, in honor of those ancestors who fought for the city, emerges in the Plaça des Born that during our visit presents a temporary market with all kinds of handicraft products (Firac). The history of the city is not forgotten in this place every July 9 when an act commemorates the sad episode of the Turkish siege of the year 1558 that looted the city for 9 days, taking more than 3,000 people as slaves and killing as many. Today wears the Ciutadella Town Hall (2) in the place where Real Alcazar used to be and that we saw before astonished from the port

We continue our walk and arrive at the nearby Esplanade Square (3), an open green space full of terraces very lively at this time

We have not continued along the upper promenade but if we had done it our prize would be another jewel of the city. We talk about St. Nicholas Castle (7), from the end of the 18th century built to defend the city's port (photo of the image bank of Shuttershock to which we are subscribed)

More modern is the Nou Mercat (4) where you can find the main commercial center of the city. Those who are going to stay in a nearby apartment, have a good place in the Mercat des Peix to buy meat and fish fresh from the sea.

Our course, however, leads us inside the true heart of Ciutadella, the historical-artistic center. The Turkish assault that destroyed the city resulted in a heyday of new palaces built by the surviving noble families during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today those facades that you see as you walk through the old area are a true architectural treasure

After wandering, lost or not, you will inevitably reach Josep Maria Quadrado. We would dare to say that it is the main artery of Ciutadella to walk, full of little shops that are Paula's bane and multiple bars and restaurants

Josep Maria Quadrado and Ses Voltes are busy at this time. The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Ciutadella (5), a gothic building built between the 11th and 12th centuries (free visit) and the Cathedral Square itself may have a lot to do

We could write hours of churches and monuments but you know that in a blog with almost 11 years of life (as of the date of this article) we have greatly evolved our interpretation of a route for a traveler

CIUTADELLA MONUMENTAL AND HISTORICAL VISITS:Those looking for a more monumental route we list a series of essential buildings that you must include in the itinerary:
- Theater d'Es Born
- Palau Salort
- Torresaura Palace
- Post office building
- Cloister of St. Augustine
- San Francisco Church
- Manor houses Can Olivar, Can Saura, Can Salort or Can Vivó

The town hall itself makes you a detailed route proposal for its historical set if you want to value it

All of them well deserve a stop but we consider that more than marking them on a map you have to enjoy a walk without direction and even be fooled by some gastronomic experience

In fact, that search ends at the end of the street in a very special building, theMolí des Comte (6). Is about a construction of the first count Torre Saura in 1812 to locate a large barn that would store wheat and other cereals to supply the city completely. In 1909 it would fall into disuse and into oblivion until in 1993 the City Council rehabilitated it. A craft center, some galleries and a small cafe lasted little until in 2009 it would become the current grill which offers different specialties to the port with piglet, sirloin, monkfish or cod among the preferred of its customers

Our choice, however, would be cheaper on our first visit but not for that reason of less quality.

And when the night comes? The routes are over and if the day you fall in love, the night much more because the city is transformed again breathing the air that brings the Mediterranean

It is at this time when, in high season, it is almost necessary to have a previous reservation to be able to have dinner in one of the restaurants at the foot of the port of Ciutadella where you can say goodbye to one of the best days of Menorca

Practical information for traveling to Ciutadella

How to get to Ciutadella

Ciutadella represents the end point (or starting point) of a road that crosses the island to Mahón in 45 minutes, the Me-1. From there the Me-24 to the south and the Camí de Cala Morell road to the north, represent the main entrances (Google Maps). Can also be reached by ferry from Barcelona and Alcudia (Mallorca) as we did

Places of interest near Ciutadella

You can complete your visit to Ciutadella with half day in Cala Morell, a visit to theS'Hostal quarries waveNaveta Des Tudons, approach toTorretrencada or the 3 headlights of Cituadella (Artrutx, Punta Nati and Sa Farola)

We combine the day between Cala Morell, S'Hostal and Naveta Des Tudons and Ciutadella de Menorca itself

Festivities of San Juan in Ciutadella

If those of us who live in A Coruña can boast one of the most special San Juan nights, the fiestas of Ciutadella are not far behind and can even be considered as the start of the high season in Menorca. The claim is such that for several days people from all over Europe arrive to enjoy different events (Caragol de Santa Clara or Des Born, l'Homo des Be, the Jocs des Pla ...)

Recommended hotels in Ciutadella (and our sleeping option)

There are multiple accommodation options in Ciutadella. We leave some with a lot of charm:
- Ses Andrones House It is one of our favorites, modern and with terrace in the heart of Ciutadella
- Ca Sarader Hotel very close to the port and with the feeling of being at home, including shared kitchen
- Can Faustino Hotel Facing the harbor, with outdoor or indoor pool and sauna. What more could you want?

However, when setting up a base in Menorca we value a location that would allow us to get out quickly to any point of the island and to access It's grau or the wildest areas in the north and most coves in the south, as well as the Cova d'en Xoroi or Binibeca, the area of ​​Mahón Bay seems more successful. Our choice is much more than an accommodation, it is an experience in itself, the Barceló Hamiltón Menorca

Did you know that Mahón Bay and, more specifically, the population of Es Castells is the one that receives the first dawn of Spain? There we were, hehe

What to buy in Ciutadella

While throughout the city you will have many types of typical artisan, gastronomic and souvenir products, it is the shoe store that stands out above all. Why? Do you sound theyou cover menorquinas? It is a type of sandal or footwear made in a traditional way whose material comes from the rural world and, currently, also recycled rubber or plastic products

There are varieties for all tastes, although it is in the Firac where you will find more craft possibilities

Where to eat in Ciutadella

For those who are looking for a different dining experience than the one you are used to, theDes Fort, La Payesa, Tritón, Café Balear or It's forat in the port they will offer you the best seafood and fish options, including the famous lobster stew. The one named on the route Moli des Comte Steakhouse it will be your option if what you are looking for is the best meat in town or other fish specialties. The rest? If you have a tighter budget ... get lost in its streets! There are numerous new and modern restaurants that offer you in their Terrace menus of the day for very cheap prices with VERY elaborated dishes.

Ciutadella de Menorca It is one of those charming towns that bewitches you from the moment you walk through it. Its atmosphere, its heritage, its tranquility, its excellent gastronomic options or its dozens of attractions to see in Ciutadella on a route like ours, are more than enough incentives to enjoy a day in her. And you do you think? Did you like our route?

Paula and Isaac, from Ciutadella (Menorca)