Montparnasse and Saint Germain: tower, catacombs and gardens


Today is the third day of this trip to Paris and I don't want it to ever end because we have so many things left to do here and ... the days go by sooooo fast !!!! I love Paris, I would go back a thousand times, but pregnant with Oli seems even more special. Today we have approached those characteristic neighborhoods of this city such as Montparnasse, Saint Germain (in the morning) and Le Marais-Bastille (in the afternoon). Are you coming with us to meet the main attractions to see in Montparnasse and Saint Germain in this half day tomorrow?

This day was perhaps the most tired for me, possibly because of yesterday'sDisneyland Paris pregnant And because I haven't slept. Of course, coming to Paris and with enough time like us, you can not miss these Parisian neighborhoods "seal" of the City of Light

What to see in Montparnasse, a neighborhood of "heights" and "subsoils"

We start the day early in our cozy and centralAndrea Hotel to take metro line 4 (3.80 EUR) and be able to be as soon as possible (20 minutes) at our first destination of the day, the Montparnasse Tower, one of the viewpoints that offer the best views of Paris, Even for some it is considered the top of the city as it is the second tallest skyscraper. But before continuing we will take a little "walk" through the history of this characteristic Parisian neighborhood located on the left bank of the Seine River. His name could not be more suitable for a neighborhood that has hosted bohemian artists and intellectuals of all the world. It is important to walk its streets and breathe its atmosphere, especially for its Boulevard, the Boulevard de Montparnasse, where we find cafes, brasseries and alleys that frequented some of the most influential writers of the early twentieth century, which many of them rest in its famous cemetery that we will also visit. Tower and cemetery but you can also visit the Pasteur Institute, a French foundation that contributes to the prevention of infectious diseases, the Paris catacombs, another type of Roman era necropolis and the Vandamme Library, you know that we love them so we will have another one for our collection. Do we order the detailed route with a map? (Remember that you have them all in the article)

Already located we arrive at the famous station that gives entrance to Montparnasse, Gare Montparnasse and from there, before going up to the viewpoint, direct to breakfast (13.70 EUR). It is essential to gain strength for all the "kick" that awaits us today

And with energy in the body we go to that 210 m high steel and glass office building where the 56th floor houses a panoramic viewpoint.

Montparnasse Tower 1, the best views of Paris

As in almost all trips, it has always been very good for us to get up early to avoid the crowd and the queues that form in certain attractions of the cities and the Montparnasse Tower was one of them but here we made the mistake of not bringing the Tickets for the Montparnasse Tower in advance with which, with what it took us for breakfast, there were already enough people (17 EUR each)


It is convenient Tickets for the Montparnasse Tower in advance so as not to have to queue, especially in high season.

The access times to the Montparnasse Tower They are as follows:
- From April 1 to September 30: 9.30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
- From October 1 to March 31:
+ From Sunday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
+ Fridays, Saturdays and holidays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The Prices of the Montparnasse Tower (UPDATED 2019) are 17 euros 18 euros for adults, 15 euros for young people between 11 and 20 years old and students and 9.50 euros for children between 4 and 11 years old. The rest do not pay. It is free with the Paris Pass and they also have a double entry option DAY / NIGHT for something else

However, taking Oli in the belly always holds certain privileges in some places where there are still people with sensitivity and in this case they let me "sneak" to the elevator once we got the tickets, skipping the main row.

To give you an idea, after the queue at the entrance where you buy the ticket (or skip it if you already bring it from home), you find a barrier where you cross the security post to access the elevators and there you it's time to wait a little longer since there is a maximum number of people to access the elevator and the viewpoint.

In 10 minutes we are already in the 56th floor. As in other viewpoints, it is fully prepared for you to stay "hours" enjoying the view that offers you of Paris with a panoramic circular plan with multimedia exhibitions which shows you different perspectives so you can choose in which of them to shoot your camera more.

The truth is that you would not know which one to choose ... have I already told you that I love Paris?

But what better is still a little higher up on the terrace which, although it is glazed (obviously), allows you an exceptional vision at a single blow from Paris.

Did we climb Oli? Is it your first lookout? Hahaha

Here is why they consider it the best viewpoint in ParisAlthough it is true that the day did not accompany us much in the early hours, it was quite cloudy but we knew that the forecasts gave that in a little while it could clear up that is why we decided to wait for that moment in the cafeteria on the ground floor (not to freeze). I still haven't shown you the services I had?

After a coffee to make the weather the forecasts were fulfilled and we could already enjoy those spectacular views that we looked forward to.

We enjoyed a good time of photos and identification of areas and monuments until we considered it was time to take the elevator back and head for our next visit, the Montparnasse Cemetery, so we will say goodbye to what will be one of our favorite viewpoints from today

Do not you think one of those essential places to visit in Paris?

Montparnasse Cemetery 5, where writers and artists rest

I have to be honest, cemeteries are not one of the visits that can be considered essential for me. Valeeeee! They give me some "yuyu" (Isaac loves them) but I have to admit that the Montparnasse Cemetery It is different and worth seeing. There are many celebrities resting here, from writers, painters, composers like Jean Paul Sastre or Julio Cortázar, ... so many that naming them all would be impossible.

It really looks like a tree-lined city "in small" occupying 19 hectares of the neighborhood and housing some 35,000 graves. If you trust and do not look at the clock, you could spend hours and hours contemplating the originality of each tombstone.

This graveyard is considered one of the most important in Parisand, of course, it has history and a lot ...

Do we follow the route? We have to walk through the Montparnasse Boulevard, the center of the neighborhood that along the Boulevard Raspail and Rue de Rennes form its route. But before a beer to regain strength is very necessary (9.70 EUR) hehehe

It is true that the walk is very pleasant. Here you do not meet all the crowd in other "most famous" neighborhoods in Paris so you go quietly, without interference when taking your photos.

It goes without saying that we are describing the 3 essential visits of the neighborhood and keep in mind that I am pregnant and the pace is lower than in other trips but on the map you have all the options of what to see if you want to complement it. You know what we always say, there are options for 1 month but YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING! ENJOY!

Catacombs of Paris 2, in the subsoil of the city

At this point one of the essential visits for those who like it is the Catacombs of Paris, a network of tunnels of more than 300 kilometers that serve as a cemetery for thousands of people from different eras. Isaac intended to stop by (I do not, there are quite a few stairs) to see if by any chance he could have tickets for that day at some point since he had already been and it was not the original idea but perhaps he could bring a good report for the blog (Coming Soon "Paris catacombs: visit, tickets and photos") but the tail was immense. You know, as usual, Book tickets to the Catacombs of Paris in advance or take one Guided tour of the catacombs of Paris (Source photos: GetYourGuide)

It seems that it was not always the catacombs that are now but tells the story that began as a stone quarry to stock the different monuments and symbols of Paris We can visit today. In fact, at that time these tunnels were called "Les Carrierès de Paris". These visits are grinding to Isaac as they show him the most gloomy side of the city and thus he would be unmarked for a moment from the more "normal" visits. Anyway, we will return, as it is a good time to go to our next point in the morning, the neighborhood of Saint Germain.

What to see in Saint Germain, the green district of Paris

We had another quiet walk ahead of us before thinking about eating and we would do it for what Parisians consider a paradise of a very important nature in their day to day. We are in one of the most elegant neighborhoods with some attractions that demand our attention as it is precisely the Luxembourg Gardens but first, do we place the detailed route on the map, as usual?

The Luxembourg gardens 1 are the most popular gardens in Paris and, next to their Palace 2, represent one of the essential visits of Paris of those that leave you speechless. They are beautiful, a wonder of peace and tranquility to spend a pleasant day.

As for its history, it was built between 1615 and 1617 as an alternative to the Louvre for María de Medicis, already somewhat tired of not living in an Italian-style residence where she came from.

During the French Revolution he played therole of jail and during the Second World War that of a German barracks. At present, the Luxembourg Palace is the seat of the French Senate.

As we mentioned above, Parisians use them mainly for relaxing and walking, but you can also sunbathe and even play tennis or basketball. It is ideal to go with children as it has exclusive playgrounds where you can also see a puppet theater that also has gardens.

So far the relaxing moment of the day now has to continue with our visits "almost noon" before our stomach begins to roar literally ... hehehe, and the following is another of the spectacular churches that Paris has and perhaps less renowned, the St-Sulpice Church3, where the Delacroix frescoes located in the Chapel of the Angels.

It is one of the tallest churches in the city that began to be built in 1646 but would not end until a century later. It has a gnomon or guide that the priest Languet de Gercy commissioned an astronomer to be able to calculate the Easter date by controlling the equinoxes and it seems that it was the reason that saved her from being destroyed during the French Revolution.

In its square, called in the same way, you can have a coffee and admire this impressive church or take some photos of its wonderful fountain known as the Source of the Four Cardinal Points where four bishops are represented pointing to each of the points but things of destiny none became cardinal.

Ummmm, how hungry! Another church will close our walk through the Saint Germain neighborhood and mark the time to feed Oli (ahem, well, and Isaac). We are talking about the Church of St-Germain des Près 4, The oldest in Paris.

We are facing the only vestige of Roman art that subsists in the surviving capital of the Middle Ages.

RESTAURANTS IN PARIS | SAINT GERMAIN: Les Deux Magots, famous literary coffee and one of the most famous places to stop in Saint Germain, have a coffee or eat.

We were fortunate enough to find the only table that was free on the terrace that with the heat it was doing was much better ... oh, how delicious everything was just seeing it in the letter hehehehe !!!

And we can assure you that besides having a very good look in the letter, I also had it in the "reality", although we throw a little for the known: a gazpacho to make a mouth and a second salmon to settle the stomach.

The price including beers, dessert and coffee, according to its fame, 62.30 EUR

With this and a cake until tomorrow at eight. Well, although it seems long, better until the next article where we will continue telling you the second part of this day in which we will move to the neighborhoods of Le Marais and Bastille, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris and where to get lost in them is The best option to meet him. See you there? Did you like our tour of the main attractions to see in Montparnasse and Saint Germain? Are you more of a tower, catacombs or gardens?

(Continue on DAY 3 (II): "Le Marais-Bastille, historic Paris (and Cemetery Père-Lachaise)")