Excursions from Rome (in Spanish or by free) (P3)


As in any travel preparation (ours we have been telling these days), it is necessary to assess what possibilities of tours we have (guided or not) to complement our trip. In our case, we are more than doing them on our own although today we are going to tell you all the options of the best excursions from Rome (nearby or 1 day) both free and guided in Spanish (Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Capri ...) for those who have more time than a classic 4-day trip to Rome like ours.

Remember that the concept of "excursion" is one that allows you to visit something returning to the place of origin and not staying overnight, so we will leave out (for the moment) Pisa or Venice this article is in permanent future updateALL ORGANIZED ROME PREPARATIONS:

"1. Choosing the things to do in Rome (P1)" Which are your favorites for the itinerary?
"2. Map of Rome with detailed plans for your trip (P2)" to place all the attractions
"3. Excursions from Rome (in Spanish or by free) (P3)" to complete your trip if you have more days
"4. Vatican and Roman Colosseum Tickets! NO TAILS! (P4)" which are possible to buy online
"5. Routes through Rome, design your itinerary (P5)" Have you decided all the above? You already have a final itinerary
"6. 30 Tips for traveling to Rome important (P6)" Those details that have escaped you. Review them with us.


Are you interested in any excursion from Rome in particular? We tell you all for what values

Excursions from nearby Rome (part-time)

Those who seek to complement their visit with a tour from Rome that does not take more than half a day is in luck ... there are several options! (We do not consider in this section the catacombs of Rome since it can be perfectly incorporated into the plan of imperial Rome - all the photos are from the image bank of Shuttershock to which we are subscribed since we have not yet been up to date with this article-)

Visit to Ostia Antica

The so-called "port of Rome" is located within the municipality of Rome and is the place where ships loaded with grain arrived (something like the pantry). We are facing one of the best preserved ruins with their silos, mills, etc. One of the best excursions that can be done from Rome, without a doubt.

You we give the INDICATIONSTo fit it in your itinerary:
- For free You can take a metropolitan train ticket from the Roma-Lido Ostia Antica line from the Porta San Paolo (Pyramid) station and get off at Ostia Antica. There in 5 minutes you will be in the complex of the ancient ruins located in Romagnoli 717
- Guided in Spanish you can take the 4-hour trip to Ostia Antica from the center or your own hotel

Visit to Tivoli with Villa Adriana and Villa del Este

Another of the great part-time options are the two jewels of Tivoli, the Hadrian's Villa Adriana and the Villa del Este with incredible fountains (and water games) and gardens.

Possible INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free Possible options are to take a CO.TRA.L bus that covers Roma-Tivoli and leaves from Ponte Mammolo B or the FM3 Roma-Pescara train line that leaves you 1 km from Villa del Este.
- Guided in Spanish you can take the5-hour excursion to Villa Adriana and Villa del Este from Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 95 or your own hotel

Visit to Cerveteri and / or Tarquinia

If you are in love with the Etruscan theme, 1 hour and 1 hour and a half north of Rome you have Cerveteri and Tarquinia. If you want to do both, maybe you would enter the full-day excursions. Both are necropolis with remains of the walls of the estrusco period and extraordinary frescoes.

Plus INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free It is not complicated but somewhat more messy than the previous ones. With the CO.TRA.L bus you can go to Civitavecchia and from there Tarquinia or regional trains. Once in the city, near the tourist office or central square, there are about 30 minutes walk (well signposted) to the precincts of the necropolis, The same is valid for Cerveteri, where there is a "navetta" service (more buses small) that take you to the necropolis
- Guided in Spanish we have only found the9-hour Tarquinia and Cerveteri excursion although much more complete

1-day excursions from Rome for free or guided in Spanish

Visit to Florence

You have it between eyebrow and eyebrow, right? Hehe It is one for which you have asked us the most these days and YES, if it is possible to do it by high-speed train. Florence is the heart of Tuscany and one of the cities with the greatest cultural heritage and beauty in all of Italy

Plus INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free You can take the high-speed train that in 1 hour 30 minutes for around € 45 / person leaves you in Florence. You can go early and come back at 21:30, for example
- Guided in Spanish you can take theFull-day high-speed train to Florence which includes hotel pick-up, local guide in Spanish, skip-the-line entrance to the Uffizi Gallery and food

Visit to Pompeii (and Naples)

Although for free it is more complicated to combine both in one day, Pompeii is usually the goal of many as an excursion from Rome. Who does not want to know these ruins of the city buried by the ashes and lava of Vesuvius in the year 79 and which we have heard so many times?

Plus INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free Perhaps the best option is to see Pompeii during the morning until noon (there are several itineraries up to 6 hours through the ruins) and some of the center of Naples in the afternoon before returning. The best option is to take the high-speed train from Termini which is around € 45-50 / person round trip and takes around 1h 15 minutes (the Eurostar takes 2 hours, better avoid it). Later you can take the circumvesuviana or nearby to Pompeii which takes about 35 minutes more.
- Guided in Spanish time is better utilized with theFull-day excursion to Naples and the ruins of Pompeii that goes by bus with pick up at the hotel, local guide in Spanish, entrance to Pompeii without queues, food and visit to a cameo and coral factory, including a much broader view of Naples

Extension to Capri

Capri is one of the natural treasures that Italy hides, full of ancient history and wonderful landscapes that make it one of the favorite destinations both internally and internationally.

Plus INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free It seems implantable to us if you don't spend the night there. It would be necessary to follow the previous steps to get to Naples and then take the boat to Capri. Yes it could be embedded as an extension of several days
- Guided in Spanish if we have found oneFull-time Capri excursion which includes hotel pick-up, transfer to the port of Naples by bus, 45-minute round-trip ferry, food and local guide in Spanish throughout the day.

Siena and surroundings

Siena, the second largest city in Tuscany, has something special. Crossing the countryside of vineyards and olive groves takes you to the most impressive old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Without a doubt, a must see in Italy on this or another trip.

Plus INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free The most comfortable option may be the train from Termini that puts you in Siena in 3h 20 minutes. Although it has improved its times and considering that there are 7 hours of transfers between round trips, we would discard this option if you do not spend the night there.
- Guided in Spanish there is aFull-time excursion to Siena In addition to including pick-up at the hotel, a panoramic trip through the Tuscan countryside and a walking tour in the afternoon (in the morning they leave you free in Siena), they add a three-course lunch.

Visit to Orvieto

Anyone looking for those little villages in true Italy? Orvieto is your answer. We are in a small city of Etruscan origin that is known primarily for its beautiful 14th century cathedral (one of the masterpieces of Italian Gothic architecture) but also for the Duomo and the Chapel of S. Brizio or the famous Pozo de S. Patrick.

Plus INDICATIONS To fit it in your itinerary:
- For free It is quite simple too since there are several trains that in 1 hour and a half place you at your destination to spend the day
- Guided in Spanish there is also the option of Full-day tour of Orvieto and Assisi which adds the visit to the population of Assisi (on the shore of Lake Trasimeno) to the usual hotel pick-up, bus transportation, local guide in Spanish, food and tickets

And rent a car in Rome? It's a good idea?

Isaac has told me as he wrote and he is right. Why not rent a car in Rome? This option is ideal for those who have more days and want to have as much flexibility as possible or even accompany the stay in Rome with some more (Florence, Venice, Naples, Siena ...). For those who have a car and go in good weather season, you have south of Rome what is considered the best beach in the area in Terracina with an Apollo temple on top of the hill That gives it a lot of magic. Remember that the collaboration with Rentalcars with up to 15% discount Direct on your website even if you are not the subject of this article

For those who go From a weekend up to 4 or 5 days, our recommendation would be to NOT take a rental car It is more a nuisance than an aid.

CHAVETAS ITINERARY: In our itinerary nothing changes with the explanation of excursions since we will only have 4 days on this occasion for the classic visit to Rome. Therefore our itinerary is ...

DAY 1/29 September (Thursday): North zone (arrival 11'20)
DAY 2/30 September (Friday): Vatican - Trastevere
DAY 3/01 October (Saturday): -
DAY 4/02 October (Sunday): - (return next morning)

PENDING TO ASSIGN:Central-historical zone, imperial zone

Did you find this article of possible excursions from Rome that you can incorporate into your routes? Would you incorporate any other? In next articles we talk about tickets that it would be convenient to take online to avoid long lines and some other advice

Paula, Isaac, Silvia, Javi and Cris, preparing our trip to Rome